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The Building Blocks of Successful Outreach & Networking
The Building Blocks of Successful Outreach & Networking - Solutions for Effective Marketing in Today's World

A common misconception is that performing outreach is the same as cold calling. Most people dread cold calling for fear of rejection, because of this, people don’t conduct outreach. The difference between the two is that outreach is partnership building and cold calling is asking for a sale! We will explore why, who, how and when to outreach. Learn what to say to increase referrals and create va...


Travels From: Phoenix or Detroit (resides in both), AZ
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Leadership from the inside out!
Leadership with an emotional connection!

The one thing that sets a true leader apart from the rest is their emotional connection with the people they lead. High customer and employee satisfaction scores are not enough to ensure the future. High scores certainly do help but the real differentiator of leaders in 2012 will be their ability to connect emotionally with the people they work and partner with. When people have a strong e...


Travels From: Mesa, AZ
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Take the Pain in Your Rear and Put it in Gear:
Secrets to Dealing with Difficult or “Different” People

Do you click with some people and just don’t get others? Most likely you have different communication styles. With humor and role-playing, Barbara teaches you how to deal with other people’s communication styles, as well as your own. In this program, you’ll learn… * How to turn a customer complaint into an opportunity * How to use non-verbal communication to build rapport in seconds ...


Travels From: San Diego, CA
Fee Range: Varies

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