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Act Now!
How to Tap Into All 3 Types of Action to Easily Achieve Every Goal You Set
Many of us set goals. We’re driven by high aspirations of a better life with better results. We know that we need to convert our vision into discrete goals that will make our vision a reality. Despite the goals we set, we often find them elusive. No matter what books we’ve read or training we’ve attended, there’s still something critical we need to do. Take Action! By taking action we begin to move toward our goals rather than standing still and wondering why we have yet to hit them. Taking Action makes things happen. Action is Everything! You will learn:  How to set goals and create plans to achieve them.  The most important Daily Habits to develop and incorporate into your daily routines.  How to recognize Intuitive Hits and know how to immediately take Inspired Actions when you do.  How to use the Rule of 5 to keep you on track and make steady progress.  A powerful daily tracking method that will enable your 90-Day goals to become reality, every ...


Travels From: Hartford, CT
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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The Unstoppable Champion!
Developing the mindset of a champion to accomplish any goal, and overcome every obstacle.
Think Big! Dream Big! Become Unstoppable! As a coach and motivator for over 25 years, I have developed a message I am very passionate about called, "The Unstoppable Champion". This message will inspire your organization to develop a winning mindset in both their professional and personal lives. Champions think differently, and in this engaging program, the audience will learn what specific, actionable steps they need to take "their game" to the next level. The Unstoppable Champion is a program where I teach the audience how to crush the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from becoming all they were meant to be. This program is perfect for anyone who wants to become unstoppable in their business or organization. Through my experiences as a coach I have learned that the keys to success in sports are the same keys that lead to success in the business world. Championships do not come about by accident, but through hard work, and strategies that will take you from wh...


Travels From: Sacramento, CA
Fee Range: Varies

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