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Responding (not Reacting) to Conflict
Reacting is an evolutionary advantage, don't let it work against you

Conflict, or a perceived threat, has historically heightened our senses and perceptions, seared memories into our brains and given us energy and strength - some of the things that have made us successful as a species. I go through what happens and where we can redirect those reactions to more selected responses. I also explore triggers and "Hot Buttons" - what they look like, why they trigger u...


Travels From: Fairfax, VA
Fee Range: Varies

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Results are Fast, Fun, Forever!

ZipZapFit® - Get a Hot Body & Great Life: Results are Fast, Fun, Forever! During "ZipZapFit®," you will learn fast, fun, efficient and tangible action steps for the following: *Quickly Attain and Sustain a Healthy and Hot Body: -How to Structure Your Workouts and Workout Programs. -How to Maintain Your Workout Schedule While Traveling. -How to Eliminate Post Workout Soreness, Prevent I...


Travels From: Los Angeles, CA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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