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Time to Teach - Differentiated Instruction/Student Engagement & Motivation
Stimulate academic interest and engage ALL students.
This training will help you improve student performance. You will learn how to meet the diverse needs of your students as well as reach and motivate your students to maximize their achievement. Adding these strategies to your educational repertoire will positively enhance school success for both you and your students. After this training, teachers will know... ...practical methods to build interest with students; ...how to motivate the unmotivated; ...how to use Storytelling for Project-Based Learning; ...how to grab and keep student interest; ...how to incorporate fun and divergent ways of learning; ...how to develop critical thinking in the student’s approach to learning; ...how this can be modified for all kids and communities; ...how to become real to their students; ...how to use human graphing to get immediate feedback from students; ...how to quickly assess how effective their lesson is going. This training is perfect for the new teacher just entering the ...


Travels From: Long Island, NY
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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