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Focus on Real-Ability vs. Dis-Ability
Appearances vs. Reality
How would you illustrate my disability? Can you see it? Smell it? Hear it? See it? Feel it? Hidden disabilities are just that as far as the public is concerned. I focus on my strengths, my abilities, but have recently decided to go public with my invisible disabilities in an effort to help the millions of others with similar situations. To inspire audiences to look beyond appearance to see reality. I am an articulate and attractive speaker, quick on my feet, candid and able to inform and entertain any audience. But I have worked hard to compensate for my hidden disabilities--seizures related to multiple traumatic brain injuries, surgery to remove a brain tumor and PTSD. I travel with a 3 lb service dog who is often confused with a wind up toy. He accompanies me everywhere just as my disability does. I can modify this talk to the specific needs of the hospitality industry, sales people, educators and anyone who meets the public through their work or daily life. There is a ne...


Travels From: NYC, NY
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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