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How to Ask and Succeed
How finding what you DON'T have to change will Rock your confidence, connect you to clients, and excel the Right way!
We love improving when it affects results! Especially when we feel we are lacking in any area of our success. Growth in your ability to communicate with clients, peers, teams, and leaders can make the difference between a promotion, a sale, and new responsibilities. To avoid the stress, analysis paralysis, and frustration caused by wondering what you should be doing, could be doing or are expected to do - this presentation offers insights, research, and a formula that you can use FAST. Using research on high performing teams, appreciative inquiry, and positive psychology, this presentation offers a new way to tackle problems that builds confidence, connects to higher client productivity, and increases creativity and innovation wherever you work.


Travels From: Ashburn VA, Denver CO
Fee Range: Open

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Learn How to Inspire and Motivate
This session is designed to provide a basic understanding of the importance of feedback at work and in personal relationships, the barriers to effective feedback, and the process of providing constructive feedback and praise.


Travels From: Madison, WI
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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