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Delighting Every Customer
epic experiences brands create to win
If you think we live in a transactional world, you're wrong. Welcome to the experience economy. Our lives and daily existence is created by a string of experiences that we participate in. Is the experience you are creating for others EPIC? The idea is not just to attract a customer, but to delight a loyal follower and co-creator in your experience. The best brands in the world delight their customers from the moment they step foot on their property and woo them with delight through the five senses and authentic engagement. How does Chipotle, Starbucks, Fantasy Football and Waze invite you into participating in the creation of your own experience? How does Wendy's, Southwest Airlines, AirBnb, and Pike's Place Fish Market differentiate their experience through delight? Delighting your customers begins with a mindset and follows through with intentional action. How will you and your team delight today? Learning Outcomes: * Examples from global brands about spec...


Travels From: Columbus, OH
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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