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JEWELZ - Personality Type Indicator
Communicating With Your Team Member's Language

The number one skill of any successful team is communication. If a team does not communicate, it will not succeed!

The responsibility of leadership and every team member is to learn the language of everyone on their team. You would not go to France speaking German and you would not go to Germany speaking French.

Yet that is how many organizations communicate. They communicate using the wrong language. JEWELZ will help you discover the personalities you are communicating with. JEWELZ will teach you how to speak the language of every jewel in your team. You will learn how to speak, work, and understand each JEWEL in your team.

Communication is vital to any organization's success.

Format: "45 - 60 minute keynote" or ".5 Day Workshop"

This program is perfect for:

*Team Members

Attendee takeaways:

*Learn the four basic personality types "JEWELZ".
*Discover what JEWEL they are.
*Assess each JEWELZ characteristics.
*What motivates eac


Travels From: San Antonio, TX
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Celebrity Cartoon & Character Voice Artist Delivers Laughter, Entertainment & Inspiration
Sonny Melendrez travels from San Antonio, Texas

What do cartoons have to do with motivation? In a word, "Everything!"

Sonny Melendrez shares his story of achieving the seemingly impossible in the world of animation, movies and television.

You're audience will be entertained, encouraged and inspired to use a power that Sonny gives credit for his success: "The Unstoppable Power of Enthusiasm!"

As host of the Disney Channel's award-winning series, "You & Me, Kid!", Sonny shares his personal story of triumph against all odds, coming from living inside his father's small barber shop in San Antonio, Texas, but always dreaming of making it to Hollywood. His journey serves to inspire others to deliver their personal best and strive to offer remarkable service.

Award-winning inspirational keynote speaker, author, and Hall of Fame radio & TV host, Sonny Melendrez has provided the voices for countless TV commercials, movies, and Saturday morning cartoons, including The Jetsons and Jerry Seinfeld's Bee Movie Game. This unique presen


Travels From: San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, TX
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Its Attitude, Not Aptitude, That Gives You Altitude
Helping participants understand the relevant importance of attitude on success

One person with the wrong attitude can change the course of an activity. One person with the right attitude can change the course of the world. The content of this program mixes with a serious message with a bit of humor intertwined. Participants say the content hits the mark and gets to the heart of the issues concerning the importance of attitude and the attainment of success. Let Billy give your organizational attitude a lift.


Travels From: Prairieville, LA
Fee Range: Available upon request

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How To Keep WINNING & Enjoy The Ride!
Enjoy the POWER of a musical & entertaining program on the steps to success and how to maintain it.

OMG! Not another speaker promising she can motivate my attendees to succeed! PRECISELY this is NOT "just another speaker." 

In this program, Magical Maggie uses the power of music and humor to open up your attendees so they take the steps inside themselves to live lusciously while enjoying every minute of the ride!

Audiences learn how-to:

      Release mounds of pressure and stress, 
      Tenaciously become 'give-up' proof,
      Trade procrastination for resilience and persistence,
      Get out of your head and into productivity,
      Stay focused & distraction free,
      Enjoying the winning ride!!! 

   ... while laughing and being totally entertained!

Magical Maggie has an an extraordinary, engaging energy that inspires audiences to take on their goals and keep going so they win! Her special spark, beautiful vocals and charming funniness deliver life-altering information in a powerful, yet unexpected way. Maggie's star quality entertains audiences so m


Travels From: Houston, TX
Fee Range: Varies

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