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Digital Marketing, Branding, Influence and Authority
How to become Thought Leader and Develop Strong Personal Brand

• Planning Your Online Business • Developing Powerful Brand and Strong Online Presence • Becoming a Thought Leader and Influncer • Lead Generation and Inbound Marketing • Content Marketing and Content Strategies • Developing Profitable Marketing Strategies • Digital Marketing Tips for Personal Bradnding


Travels From: Central Jersey, NJ
Fee Range: Varies

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Creating a Culture of Innovation
Take the Mystery & Misery out of Developing, Sustaining, and Leading Innovation

At the BTS Insights and Design Lab, we work in the future. For 20 years we have rolled up our sleeves and helped firms around the globe learn how to do innovation and—importantly—how to lead innovation. This fortunate role has afforded me a unique opportunity to experience firsthand how innovative cultures are shaped and sustained, and how they are accidentally stunted. Because of th...


Travels From: New York, NY
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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