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Get Up Off Your Aspirations!
Using Humor to Turn Losses Into Laughs, Pain Into Punchlines, and Messes and Stresses Into Successes
“Frank King was great, the group really enjoyed it! Now I need some help with ideas for next year. Each year it gets more challenging to find someone as good, or better than the previous year.” Wendy A. Knisley, Human Resources, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta “If there is a recipe for a funny, motivational keynote secret sauce, he’s found it. I laughed, I learned, I loved it!” I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve been tasked with selecting just the right speaker for your next event? Is it your job to find the perfect presenter? One who is captivating, entertaining, and inspiring, with a bold, fresh, contemporary, and compelling style, delivering ah-has, as well as ha-ha’s, and winning over your audience? Your attendees will learn how to: - Snooze ya’ win! • Conceive, believe, achieve • “The Secret” ain’t no secret • The magic of Half-Hour Power • Celebrate small victories • Turning aspirations into opportunitie...


Travels From: Eugene, OR
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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Doing the Impossible, Cutting Through Fear
The Impossible is NOT Impossible: How YOU can do the IMPOSSIBLE and Change the World!
FACE your FEARS, DARE to LIVE! The IMPOSSIBLE is NOT imPOSSIBLE! Swallowing the Sword, Cutting Through Fear: The Art and Science of Doing the Impossible: What swallowing swords taught me about overcoming fear. Child of ridicule. Target of bullies. Wimp. Loser. Role model. 40x World Champion Sword Swallower Ig Nobel Prize Winner TEDx Speaker Dan Meyer In his talk "Doing the Impossible, Swallowing The Sword, Cutting Through Fear" 40x World Champion Sword Swallower Dan Meyer takes the audience on his journey from wimp, loser, child of ridicule, and target of bullies, to overcome fears and the limitations of social anxiety disorder, break down boundaries, and do the IMPOSSIBLE -- to inspire others to do the impossible in THEIR lives and change the world! In his talk, Dan describes his journey from extreme fears to extreme feats, outcast to outlier, stutterer to storyteller, ridiculed to role model, wimp to world record holder, quitter to finalist on America...


Travels From: Phoenix, AZ
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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