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LIMITLESS (Without A Pill)
Quantum Leap To Self Awareness: Achieve Higher Levels Of Creativity & Intelligence
Bradley Cooper takes a pill to uncover his genius in the movie Limitless, but Jodi helps you discover how to scale your business & get the most out of life by reducing anxiety, stress, worry, overwhelm and procrastination, without talking a pill. Entrepreneurs spend on average, 90+ hours per month, focusing on what isn't happening in their business, rather than what is working. In this powerful keynote, Jodi helps her audience understand that simplicity is the key to more profits and greater success in business. It's about conquering your mindset and recognizing the ineffective patterns that are getting in your way of your business, your dreams and living a life that makes you truly happy. Jodi teaches an entirely new approach to "goal achieving." If you want to balance your career, health, wealth, relationships, charity, free time…. This is the perfect keynote to hear. "SUFFERING IS A BYPRODUCT OF YOUR THOUGHTS. THINK POSITIVELY & YOU'LL BE POSITIVE." - Jodi P...


Travels From: Chicago, WI
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Psychology in Artificial Intelligence in Personalized Marketing' Tech Presentations
Are your customers loyal to you? Software' is transforming AI Marketing & Customer Experience Journeys
Psychology in Personalized Marketing Trainings & Keynote Presentations Psychological Secrets of Personalized Marketing Mapping. Your business needs BIG AIPS! 'AI Personalization Software' BIG AI Personalization Software! 1. Big 2. Intelligence 3. Grinding 4. AI 5. Personalization 6. Software Would you change your company marketing tool to get +29% more Email Open Rates from your loyal customers? We focus a lot of time on the Psychology of Personalized Marketing Mapping. Why are You Losing Customers? They don't 'feel' that your company "knows them". Machine learning is here. Because you need “â€AI Customer Experience Optimization†that personalizes your User Experience Journey, down to the individual level. Yes, AI Personalization can adjust messaging to match a Millennial compared to a Baby Boomer vernacular. Your Personalization Points on Your Dynamic Customer Experience email, reMarketing, eCommerce, IoT, merchandising, healthcare a...


Travels From: St. Pete Beach, FL
Fee Range: Varies

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You ARE the Innovation
Educators as Catalyst
85% of educational success comes directly from teacher (& another 10% from Principal) skill, talent & energy. This makes teachers the single most valuable asset of any school or district, and Principals by way of their access to and guidance of them. Yet neither seldom get the credit deserved for their adaptability and enthusiasm. Let's break through the barriers of teacher-bashing and give "props" to teachers and all school personnel as they begin their own annual adventures in learning! Teachers are rapidly forming new structures themselves rather than waiting for antiquated instructional systems to be replaced. High school teachers initially led the change, from technology use to innovative systems of peer recruiting, hiring & mentoring, but elementary teacher-led schools are now the fastest growing trend. In the toughest schools, teachers are the solution, not the problem. Let me re-energize your teachers with this full-blown interactive experience that will le...


Travels From: Cincinnati, OH
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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