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Blabvertising:The Art of Word of Mouth Marketing
How to Dominate In Your Market

Discover how the top sales professionals leverage their relationships and stand out from a competitive marketplace. 

This high energy, interactive, and entertaining program has helped thousands of businesses create instant yet sustainable growth. 

Your audience will be motivated, entertained, and will receive turn-key success tools that they can put to work right away!!

This program will be custom-tailored for your specific business, and produces immediate results. 

Your audience will discover the following:
- Developing an ownership mentality 
- Why most networking is not working
-Referral Magic- Grow your business by using this one word!
- How to create a contagious culture that attracts the best team members and customers
- Tons of motivational mental floss


Travels From: Chicago, IL
Fee Range: Open

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Motivational Speaking
Motivational and Inspirational Speech

How did a missing persons detective get selected to be in the top one hundred out of 17,000 Americas Got Talent applicants?! Oh yes, and he was only 1 out of 6 magic acts in the entire country selected to be on the show. His featured performance was watched by 10 million viewers.  Most recently in January, 2019 performing at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.  Known as the all night runner, Giani has completed over 24 marathons and 6 ultra marathons.  What marathon do you have in your life?   Using his ultra marathon training, AGT journey and 22 years of police work (PTSD enriched environment), Giani provides your employees and guests a journey they will never forget.  Giani uses mentalism and humor he has used in Las Vegas and Americas Got Talent in combination with true stories to leave your guests not only feeling,  but knowing they can do anything in this world!  The motivational speech can be supplemented with mingling entertainment before and after the speaking engagement.  A motivational 


Travels From: San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin, TX
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Educate to Sell with Ease
Turn More Prospects Into Buyers with Authentic and Trusted Education

In this insightful and strategic presentation you will learn how to turn more prospects into buyers with ease by going to extra mile with trust, education and high quality service. The selling process has changed dramatically since many prospects often make a buying decision before reaching out to an organization. They dont want to feel the pressure of being sold to although they do want to invest with companies and individuals who sincerely value and respect them. 

Learn how to connect your sales with service, high integrity and consistent follow-up. Discover how to incorporate heartfelt service while making a sales offer to improve customer engagement instantly. Uncover the secrets to making an authentic offer without feeling pushy, intrusive or sales-y. And learn how to love selling with ease!

Learn How To:

. Develop more sales confidence by mastering the art of educating to sell.

. Close more sales with genuine connections that build trust and rapport instantly.

. Sell from


Travels From: Phoenix, AZ
Fee Range: Over $10,000

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Psychology in Artificial Intelligence in Personalized Marketing' Tech Presentations
Are your customers loyal to you? AIPS: 'AI Personalization Software' is transforming AI Marketing & Customer Experience Journeys into +29% Open Rates.

Psychology in Personalized Marketing." Trainings & Keynote Presentations 

Psychological Secrets of Personalized Marketing Mapping.

Your business needs BIG AIPS! 
'AI Personalization Software' 

BIG AI Personalization Software!

1.   Big

2.   Intelligence

3.   Grinding

4.   AI 

5.   Personalization

6.   Software

Would you change your company marketing tool to get +29% more Email Open Rates from your loyal customers?

We focus a lot of time on the Psychology of Personalized Marketing Mapping. 

Why are You Losing Customers?
They don't 'feel' that your company "knows them".

Machine learning is here. 

Because you need AI Customer Experience Optimization that personalizes your User Experience Journey, down to the individual level.

Yes, AI Personalization can adjust messaging to match a Millennial compared to a Baby Boomer vernacular.
Your Personalization Points on Your Dynamic Customer Experience 


Travels From: Treasure Island, FL
Fee Range: Varies

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"Making Leadership and the Workplace Magical!"
How to Lead & Create a 'Whistle While You Work' Positive Team Culture in Your Organization That Lasts!

(Keynote or 2-Hour to Full Day Program)

John shares his Disney Leadership Strategies and experience to show you how you can lead effectively to create a productive, customer focused, positive and fun "Whistle While You Work" environment to increase productivity, sales, customer loyalty, improve morale and the energy in your organization. Learn the keys to how Disney and other successful organizations replace anxiety, apathy and stress with enthusiasm, achievement and energy. Associations, conferences and teams love this entertaining and inspiring program!


Travels From: Charlotte, NC
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Opportunity Rocks - Rock Star Keynote Speaking Event
Opportunity Rocks - Rock Star Performance = Rock Star Results How to perform like a rock star in your business and career.

Session Description. 
Title: Opportunity Rocks - Rock Star Performance = Rock Star Results
Get it right with performance first to deliver excellent customer experience.
Rock N Roll is simple so why do we complicate our business? This presentation is multi-generational and multi-cultural and guarantees engagement, education energy, and entertainment in a customized format.
How to perform like a rock star in your business and in life. 
You and your teams will learn:
* The raw power of unrealistic goals.
* How to use Steve Jobs model for business success (hint: its not what you think)
* The single most important element of enduring team success. 
* How and when to break the rules and strategically disrupt.
* The importance of not creating satisfied customers and instead, create raving fans!
* How to thrive through change by leading change. 

(Oh, and youll walk away with your own custom pair of branded drumsticks!)

Marvelless Mark's Opportunity Rocks! 
Contact Mar


Travels From: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Orlando, New York, Atlanta,Austin,Nashville, Phoenix, St. Louis, Kansas City,Miami, Dallas, Austin, Raleigh,, NV
Fee Range: Varies

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JEWELZ - Personality Type Indicator
Communicating With Your Team Member's Language

The number one skill of any successful team is communication. If a team does not communicate, it will not succeed!

The responsibility of leadership and every team member is to learn the language of everyone on their team. You would not go to France speaking German and you would not go to Germany speaking French.

Yet that is how many organizations communicate. They communicate using the wrong language. JEWELZ will help you discover the personalities you are communicating with. JEWELZ will teach you how to speak the language of every jewel in your team. You will learn how to speak, work, and understand each JEWEL in your team.

Communication is vital to any organization's success.

Format: "45 - 60 minute keynote" or ".5 Day Workshop"

This program is perfect for:

*Team Members

Attendee takeaways:

*Learn the four basic personality types "JEWELZ".
*Discover what JEWEL they are.
*Assess each JEWELZ characteristics.
*What motivates eac


Travels From: San Antonio, TX
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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The Brain and The Challenge of Inclusivity
Enhancing Cultural Competence for Risk Reduction Practitioners

If we want to enhance our effectiveness as community leaders, we need to routinely examine our limitations. When we think of limitations, often we think of tight budgets and insufficient time. However, an overlooked limitation lives inside of us: our brains. Our brain wants us to feel comfortable and be in situations that are familiar. When we are uncomfortable, we become irritated, frustrated, and angry. Being in new cultures can make us initially uncomfortable. We need to learn to stay with this discomfort and become familiar with new cultures in order to serve all communities in our district. In this session, we look at how our knee jerk reactions can limit our ability to be effective community liaisons. I will share a method to monitor our personal vital signs for becoming overly reactive and redirect ourselves to connecting with people who historically set us off.

Designed for Fire Service, EMS and Law Enforcement 
I worked with the National Fire Academy since 2012



Travels From: Boulder, CO
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Insider Secrets From A Personality Profiler
Sell More - Hire Better - Retain Top Talent

Nobody likes to be sold to. Regardless of how small or large a sale is, people prefer buying from an advisor who truly has their best interests in mind. In Michaels keynote address Insider Secrets From A Personality Profiler, he will share a practical, easy to implement system to help you adapt the mindset of, and position yourself in the role of trusted advisor. Regardless of whether your business focuses on retail or wholesale, Michaels techniques apply. When prospects see you as an advisor, you can zoom ahead of your competition and close more sales! He will also share some simple, yet highly effective, social media marketing ideas that you can implement quickly, without breaking the bank. His primary objective when speaking is to help you and your business increase your bottom line! You dont want to miss this presentation.


Travels From: Valdosta, GA
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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Celebrity Cartoon & Character Voice Artist Delivers Laughter, Entertainment & Inspiration
Sonny Melendrez travels from San Antonio, Texas

What do cartoons have to do with motivation? In a word, "Everything!"

Sonny Melendrez shares his story of achieving the seemingly impossible in the world of animation, movies and television.

You're audience will be entertained, encouraged and inspired to use a power that Sonny gives credit for his success: "The Unstoppable Power of Enthusiasm!"

As host of the Disney Channel's award-winning series, "You & Me, Kid!", Sonny shares his personal story of triumph against all odds, coming from living inside his father's small barber shop in San Antonio, Texas, but always dreaming of making it to Hollywood. His journey serves to inspire others to deliver their personal best and strive to offer remarkable service.

Award-winning inspirational keynote speaker, author, and Hall of Fame radio & TV host, Sonny Melendrez has provided the voices for countless TV commercials, movies, and Saturday morning cartoons, including The Jetsons and Jerry Seinfeld's Bee Movie Game. This unique presen


Travels From: San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, TX
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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