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JEWELZ - Personality Type Indicator
Communicating With Your Team Member's Language

The number one skill of any successful team is communication. If a team does not communicate, it will not succeed!

The responsibility of leadership and every team member is to learn the language of everyone on their team. You would not go to France speaking German and you would not go to Germany speaking French.

Yet that is how many organizations communicate. They communicate using the wrong language. JEWELZ will help you discover the personalities you are communicating with. JEWELZ will teach you how to speak the language of every jewel in your team. You will learn how to speak, work, and understand each JEWEL in your team.

Communication is vital to any organization's success.

Format: "45 - 60 minute keynote" or ".5 Day Workshop"

This program is perfect for:

*Team Members

Attendee takeaways:

*Learn the four basic personality types "JEWELZ".
*Discover what JEWEL they are.
*Assess each JEWELZ characteristics.
*What motivates eac


Travels From: San Antonio, TX
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Marketing Success
Helping Others Help Themselves
Knockout Networking Tips
Learn unique techniques on face-to-face networking that actually work!

Whether youre looking for new clients, launching a new product, or raising awareness of your service, networking is the number one secret weapon that will get you there. Learning to communicate with others in an effective way will open doors that will lead you to your goal. In this day of cell phones, emails, and texts, we have forgotten how to communicate face-to-face. Learn how to identify the people who can help you, not only in business, but in your personal life as well. The result is getting what you want.

After this session participants will
	Learn tips and tricks for starting a conversation
	Create a compelling elevator pitch
	Discover five specific questions to ask
	Identify key people to help reach your goal
	Three powerful tips to follow-up and close the deal

This is an interactive program that can be a 60-minute keynote, half-day or full-day workshop. Your audience will learn specific techniques to network face-to


Travels From: Madison, WI
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Confident. Resilient. Powerful.

Replace less effective communication habits. confident, strong language.  Quickly increase professionalism.  
Improve resilience with simple tools and reduce passive and aggressive behaviors.
Dynamic and highly memorable presentation uses compelling stories and unforgettable props to share communication skills in a very surprising way.  
In this session, Ana-Christina will show you 3 intertwined techniques to:
-  powerfully increase confidence
-  how to accelerate trust as a communicator (professionally and personally)
-  7 often overlooked basic strategies to reduce confrontation.

1)  Reduce conflict 
2)  Increase professionalism and resilience.
3)  Create and strengthen skills to create a more positive work environment.
4) Improve flexibility and competence
           with difficult people and relationships.


Travels From: DENVER, CO
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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