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Time to Teach - Classroom Management
Eliminate low-level problem behavior to get more time to teach.
How would you like to eliminate 90% of problem behavior and stop losing valuable teaching time to matters of discipline so that students can focus on learning? This classroom management training will put you on the path to success. You will learn strategies that you can use immediately that will result in student engagement. Additionally, you can expect a dramatic decrease in disciplinary challenges in the classroom. As a result of this training, teachers will know... to detect and correct classroom problems without stopping teaching; to avoid power struggles; to set effective limits; to arrange and design the classroom environment for maximum performance (including 15 powerful desk arrangements from traditional to unorthodox); to teach students to behave appropriately in class and in social settings; to zoom through the curriculum like never before; to firmly but fairly carry out disciplinary actions; to NEVER again give multipl...


Travels From: Long Island, NY
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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