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Who's Got Time for That? Self-Care for Caregivers
Countering the Collapse of Caregivers
Self-care for caregivers is serious business. It’s not as simple as a night out with friends, or a glass of wine and a bubble bath, but it can make all the difference for those who are taking care of aging parents, someone with a mental illness or other serious chronic illness. Healthy caregivers are strong advocates and agents of healing for their loved ones. But caregivers who are exhausted, burned-out and isolated will collapse, putting not one but two lives and families at risk. With her trademark humor, Tara shares her story as a caregiver; why self-care is so important and the risks faced by caregivers; and practical strategies to be sure you or the people you care about are taking care of themselves AND their loved ones.


Travels From: Portland, OR
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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