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Building the Longevity Practice
How to Attract and Retain Todays Most Affluent and Educated Client Base

This is a 1-hour keynote or  full or half day training

Create a 5 Generation Sustainable Practice. The affluent boomer, mature, and caregiver investor is the most active, educated, and engaged cohort in history. They make financial decisions for their parents, children, and grandchildren. By 2025 there will be 82 million over the age of 65!

Offer Longevity Planning Not Just Retirement Planning. If you wonder exactly where to put your efforts and your dollars, to reach this market, this presentation will end the confusion. On May 23rd the House of Representatives passed the S.E.C.U.R.E. Act, the most sweeping retirement law since 2006. It is a clear acknowledgment that we are working longer, living longer, and need an extended wealth span to match our growing lifespan.

Whether as a keynoter or trainer, Adriane brings decades of experience as business growth specialist for companies seeking to reach the Longevity Market,  including Ameriprise, Lincoln Financial, Asset Strategies


Travels From:
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Big Brand Branding Strategies for the Small Brand Budget
Proven Effective Branding and Marketing Strategies Right-Sized for Small Businesses

What's the Number #1 question asked by small business owners from coast to coast and around the world?

As if singingfrom the same hymnal, the top question invariablyis"How do I get more business on a shoestring budget?"With years of experience marketing for some of the world's most high profile brands (Nike Golf, Universal, PGA TOUR) and high profile personalities, Rhonda Moret provides keyinsights,proven approaches, and practical strategies,designed to enhance any small business marketing effort - while not killingthe budget!

Moret's presentation is engaging, funny, and infused with stories from her work with Billie Jean King, bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki, and even Donald Trump.

Program provides practical strategies which have proven to be effective and an asset to the bottom line, while not killing the marketing budget. 

Topics include: 
1) What is branding really and when and how do I do it?  hint: begin with the


Travels From: Del Mar, CA
Fee Range: Varies

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Blabvertising:The Art of Word of Mouth Marketing
Crushing Quotas and Creating Solid Customer Relationships

Discover how the top sales professionals leverage their relationships and stand out from a competitive marketplace. 

This high energy, interactive, and entertaining program has helped thousands of businesses create instant and long-lasting growth. Your audience will be motivated, entertained, and will receive turn-key success tools that they can put to work right away!!

This program will be custom-tailored for your specific business, and produces immediate results! 

Your audience will discover the following:
- Developing an ownership mentality 
- Why most networking is not working
-Referral Magic- Grow your business by using this one word!
- How to create a contagious culture that attracts the best team members and customers
- Tons of motivational mental floss


Travels From: Chicago, IL
Fee Range: Open

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Adapting to Change
changing for the better

Change is a necessity that we all must endure. Discover new ways of increasing productivity for employees by creating a system that allows for a smooth transition. These are proven methods that rings true in both sport and business worlds.

In this humorous and inspiring story Alex takes you through the struggles and key moments of change when he was "cut" from NFL teams 3 different times as well as having 7 head coaches in his 8 years in the NFL.

Alex will walk you through is 5 step formula of succeeding with change.

1. Accepting change.
2. Understanding your role.
3. Communication.
4. Getting on board.
5. Dismissing the bad apples.


Travels From: Portland, OR
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Innovation is for tech geeks, for venture-backed startups with millions of dollars at their disposal, and for a select few gifted visionaries, right? Wrong. If you are solving problems for people, you are an innovator, no matter your job title or industry. If you can embrace that title, you can access a whole innovation skill set already latent within you in order to more deeply serve your clients, differentiate yourself, make a stronger pitch, drive more business, make sure you are nourished as a person or team, and yes, change the world.

Youll learn:

An innovators mindset, enabling them to approach work with curiosity and confidence
The innovation method that links the individual to the team to the technology, enabling whole-person involvement in the business building process
A renewed connection to clients, so they can provide truly valuable products and services
A sense of peace in the present moment, while still maintaining the drive to move forwar


Travels From: Denver, CO
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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The Art of Audience Attraction: The Only Sales Pitch Your Audience Won't Hate
The Only Sales Pitch Your Audience Won't Hate

Within the past five years, the rules of audience attraction, brand engagement and business development requires us all to make radical shifts in the way we market ourselves, our products and our services! Otherwise, our old strategies could be driving people away. There are many ways to attract the attention and loyalty of your ultimate end-user, and there are just as many ways to turn them off. Ill explain the five ways you could be scaring away the fish, and five ways you can attract larger audiences like moths to a flame. Includes live music performance.


Travels From: Philadelphia, PA
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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Wow Marketing
How to Market Your Business Creatively

This seminar touches on creative, but affordable concepts to grow ones business.   Running  a business in this day and age is incredibly expensive.  This seminar provides easy, cost effective solutions so that retailers can get the most bang for their buck.  Attendees will learn how to promote their products/services through innovative events, partnerships, promotions and more.  Theyll leave understanding how to go after (and win!) partners to help increase their sales and customer base.  
Examples are provided to get potential customers in the door, while simultaneously considering their budget and resources.  Discounts, free services and platforms are also provided as a way to help the seminar attendee. 

Here's a testimonial from a conference organizer who booked me at a recent speaking engagement in Australia.  The VP of the association had heard me speak in Houston, and then brought me over to Australia a few months later: 
"As in Texas, Lindsay captured the cr


Travels From: NC
Fee Range: Varies

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Revenue Now Or Later? Time Management For Entrepreneurs
How To Decide What Business Opportunities To Pursue and When

	A potential client asks for a consultation. 
	An organization asks for a proposal.
	A fellow entrepreneur you admire invites you to chat about a possible joint venture.
	You still are meaning to develop that new offering which you know will change your business for the better.

These are all tantalizing revenue possibilities, some more immediate than others. These are all in addition to the day-to-day work of actually providing your offerings and running the business operations.

	Is it better to go for the near-term possibilities? 
	Is it better to go for the largest potential revenue streams?
	How do you respond to unexpected opportunities?
	When do you pull the plug on a prospect or idea that hasnt led to sales?

In Revenue Now Or Later, well explore how to prioritize different revenue-generating activities. Well look at how to evaluate tradeoffs, how to confirm your needs and wants, and how to stay on track despite interruptions and dis


Travels From: New York, NY
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Selling for "Non Selling" Personel
Hey, Let's Get Some Business

Hey, EVERYONE is in sales.  Unfortunately, however, not everyone knows that and lots of opportunities for doing business are lost everyday. In this fun, informative and highly interactive session you and your team will learn proven strategies and be provided with powerful insights on improving your ability to make that sale (in spite of yourself and in spite of the fact that you didn't know that was your job ).  In this supercharged, sixty minute presentation you will:

 Learn selling secrets and powerful sales techniques from Brendan J. Cunningham
 Hear about the easiest and most effective means of getting an order even if you dont like selling. 
 Immediately improve your revenue perspective
 Dont enjoy doing hand to hand combat for the prospects money
 take the steps you need toward mastering the art of "closing."
 Make Selling stress free, and most of all, you will develop long-term trusting relationships with 


Travels From: Buffalo, NY
Fee Range: Available upon request

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You Are a Walking Supercomputer
Learn to Unlock The Hidden Power of Your Mind

Your brain is more powerful than any electronic device.  Learn to wield its power to remember more than you ever dreamed possible.


Travels From: San Francisco, CA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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