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Resilient in the World
Filling the Tank

We live in a rapidly changing world. When the pace of change in our lives is accelerated, we need more than the capacity to deal with a change. We need a transformation in our relationship with change.  This training will share with you a unique tool for mapping this inside work of building resilience. When our resilience tank is empty, it affects everything—our productivity, motiva...


Travels From: Bozeman, MT
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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"Are You ON FIRE or Just Plain BURNT OUTt?"
Finding motivation when asked to do more with less.

Does your vocation have you feeling a little crispy? If so, take that as a compliment! It means you have at some point been on fire! However, those who work tirelessly and are committed to standards of excellence are most prone to experience symptoms of professional burnout. This lively session is designed to encourage participants to take a quick look into the mirror to assess their current ...


Travels From: Tulsa, OK
Fee Range: Varies

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Reining in Overwhelm
Strategies to regain control and manage your attention

Strategies to tackle tasks when in overload Tools to clear yourself on a regular basis to prevent overload Tools to stay current and present (and on top of your tasks) Understand the gateway to your inner resources and how to guard it


Travels From: Palm Springs, CA
Fee Range: Available upon request

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