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The answer is “Yes”!-Now what’s the question?
The power of culture, retnetion and loyalty in your business

Everybody talks about it, but what really is corporate culture? I believe it starts with this question- Do your employees know that your business is first and foremost in the hospitality business? A definition of hospitality is “the art of making a personal connection with someone”. In your industry, you have the opportunity to do that each and every day. While anyone can make a persona...


Travels From: Akron, OH
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Move Aside, You're Blocking Your View
Discover Your Leadership Superpower and Stop Standing in the Way of Your Success

Plagued by a nagging feeling that they could be better, leaders take more courses, read books on the 10 things great leaders do, and return to school for an MBA. It's a valiant effort but it still feels like something is missing. They don’t have time for this paranoia. There is too much to do – so they push that nagging feeling aside, and rationalize that it’s just their incredible high...


Travels From: Orlando, FL
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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Avoiding Career Sabotage
Pointers for Healthcare Professionals and Leaders

Many health care professionals focus on learning about ways we can move ahead in our careers, or even on the best strategies we can use to change careers. We offer to do more where we work, use digital media well, network with other professionals, and often present at meetings or publish in our fields. We then wonder why we are not advancing more quickly when we are doing “all of the right thing...


Travels From:
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Don't Bring It to Work
Decoding Office Politics

Maybe he’s the office clown, just like your uncle… or the woman who manages to look busy…but avoids work like your sister, or the long suffering victim like your mother-in-law. Does your office have a pleaser, an avoider or a rescuer? These examples of learned behavior patterns are the core reasons for the game called “office politics” playing at offices around the world! It’s tim...

Who says Grandma isn't on Twitter
How to Communicate, Connect, and Cash-in on Generational Marketing

Warning! You are losing customers without even knowing it. Don’t be lost in the generational buying frenzy. Discover what advertising geniuses don’t want you to know about generational marketing. Using the “4G Engagement System,” Ford will help you identify the diversities of the market, capitalize on untapped opportunities, and communicate more effectively to the changing face of the buye...


Travels From: Wichita, KS
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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