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The Real Magic Of The Mind
How your imagination is effecting reality every day

A presentation bound to move your attendees. 

Every single audience member gets involved with this experience of mind control and mental power! Anthem and Aria show just how your imagination is a source of real magic that effects your daily reality. 

By the end of their presentation, your attendees will know about...
* How they are hypnotizing themselves all the time.
* How ritual and habits can be used to reprogram the mind.
* How to use words to shape the future you want to live in.
* The power of focus AND how focus is working against you right now!
* How to choose the reality you want to experience.

All the while, being entertained and amazed as they feel the effects of Anthem and Aria's suggestion and as they witness real magic.

Perfect for opening sessions, Lunch or Dinner, awards ceremonies, and more!


Travels From: Denver, CO
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Mind Games
Be Careful of What You Think, Someone May Be Listening!

Terry Tyson is a Mentalist - Mind Reader - Corporate Entertainer who wants to make your next event a success. Highly recognized in his field, he has performed across the globe on cruise ships, cafes, clubs, industry conferences and private parties.  His show is designed to fit YOUR needs and can be done in your living room or large conference hall. Tyson can customize your message to be delivered in a most unique and memorable fashion.

Terry's show is highly interactive, fun and truly mysterious. He makes sure everyone has a good time and will talk about the event for a very long time.  Though he specializes in corporate entertainment; after dinner, cocktail mixers, vendor booth interactions, he is able to bring his show to your living room to bring your guests a one-of-a-kind experience.


Travels From: Orange County, CA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Celebrity Cartoon & Character Voice Artist Delivers Laughter, Entertainment & Inspiration
Sonny Melendrez travels from San Antonio, Texas

What do cartoons have to do with motivation? In a word, "Everything!"

Sonny Melendrez shares his story of achieving the seemingly impossible in the world of animation, movies and television.

You're audience will be entertained, encouraged and inspired to use a power that Sonny gives credit for his success: "The Unstoppable Power of Enthusiasm!"

As host of the Disney Channel's award-winning series, "You & Me, Kid!", Sonny shares his personal story of triumph against all odds, coming from living inside his father's small barber shop in San Antonio, Texas, but always dreaming of making it to Hollywood. His journey serves to inspire others to deliver their personal best and strive to offer remarkable service.

Award-winning inspirational keynote speaker, author, and Hall of Fame radio & TV host, Sonny Melendrez has provided the voices for countless TV commercials, movies, and Saturday morning cartoons, including The Jetsons and Jerry Seinfeld's Bee Movie Game. This unique presen


Travels From: San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, TX
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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