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The Charles Moscowitz Podcast — Virtual Event

Event Date: Feb 1, 2021

The program is live streamed as a video on YouTube and is then archived on YouTube as well as on several platforms. I conduct interviews with authors, media figures, intellectuals and news-makers. Additional information about the date: I schedule guests for interviews on my YouTube channel and affiliated platforms.

Fee range: $0

Speakers Needed: 20

The 2021 LDP Summit — Virtual Event

Event Date: May 13, 2021

Our community members are people who lead, manage or support leadership development programs for early career hires. Think of the rotational programs run by GE or J&J where a new hire spends 8-12 months working in a specific part of the company, and then rotates to a new part to learn something new. Titles are program managers, talent development specialists, campus recruiters. This is our annual event and it will be virtual. The speaker would kick off our third and final day of the conference. We are looking for someone who is energetic and funny to speak to our audience on how to navigate stressful change - both for the participants in the programs they manage, but also for themselves. Our audience faces multiple stressors at the moment: delivering high touch training and development remotely, justifying the expense of their programs, helping participants perform their jobs successfully, managing a remote workforce, preparing the future leaders of their companies in a remote environment. We're very open to variations on this theme. It would be great if the session helped people understand how to turn some of their setbacks into opportunity.

Fee range: $1,000

Speakers Needed: 1

Wellness session — Virtual Event

Event Date: Jan 31, 2021

Our organization members are graduate university students. We are looking for a speaker who talks about careers in biochemistry outside of academia or any topic that can help the graduate students in their future professional achievement.

Fee range: $0

Speakers Needed: 1

SLC 2021 Serving Up Leadership — Virtual Event

Event Date: Mar 19, 2021

Every semester we put on a leadership conference to connect as a region, discuss legislation, and grow as leaders. My hope for this speech is to allow all of our delegates to walk away from it feeling more motivated and inspired to create an incredible experience for their residential communities. In addition, I hope they gain tools that they can utilize to become more effective leaders, while continuing to enjoy the work they do. Especially during these times, each institution has had to make serious alterations to how they do things and redefine what it means to be a part of their organizations.

Fee range: $900

Speakers Needed: 1

Women in Project Management — Denver, Colorado

Event Date: Jun 11, 2021

The event is for women in project management. We are looking at making this a hybrid event and live streaming the speakers as well as recording them and putting them online for attendees to view up to a year after the event- same as symposium – It is a more intimate, one room event featuring 3 or 4 female speakers sequentially. Continental breakfast, plated lunch. The audience is mostly women however it does draw a small crowd of male attendees. No theme established just yet. This is the 6th annual event that addresses concerns related to women in business and leadership roles. Topics can vary. We want a dynamic somewhat seasoned speaker who can provide strong take-aways and an empowering message for the attendees. A Female speaker is preferred.

Fee range: $1,000

Speakers Needed: 1