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Becoming Unstoppable in the Face of Challenges

While goals and dreams are wonderful, what happens when you hit a bump in the road and life takes an unexpected turn? Do we give up, create excuses, or adapt and succeed? The hardest lesson to learn (especially among the younger millennial generation), is that failure is the key to ultimately succeeding. With a culture of instant gratification, impulsivity and technology overload, intentional...


Travels From: New York City, NY
Fee Range: Varies

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4 Ways to Create Winning Teams
Motivating People to Work Together

Does your team operate like a well-oiled machine? Underestimating the power of team building is a critical blindspot for most leaders. Your ability to build trust and cohesiveness within your team is a key measure of your success in any organizational setting. No matter the size of your team or industry, this presentation gives expert insight into how to incorporate team building into the culture ...


Travels From: Edgewater, NJ
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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The 3 Laws of Empowerment for High-Growth Companies
A Keynote Presentation by R. Shawn McBride

REALIZE YOUR BUSINESS VISION . . . LEARN about unknown weak spots in your plans. FIND OUT what most people miss in their plans. LEAVE with a workable planning system you can use with your teams – starting today.


Travels From: Dallas, TX
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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IMAGINE THAT! Igniting Your Brain for Creativity, Peak Performance & Wellness

Do you view the future with hope and possibility? Or do you allow fear to cloud your thinking, creating insecurity and stress? Do you know how to apply your imagination to generate creativity, motivation, happiness and hope? In these uncertain, challenging and complex times, success literally depends on the importance of knowing how to manage your thinking. As Einstein said: “Imagination i...


Travels From: Westport, CT
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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When Would NOW Be a Good Time?
Discovering the Magic of Taking Action

When it is all said and done...much more is said than done. Procrastination will torpedo the success of any endeavor. The Shef will ignite a fire beneath your audience that will create momentum for success that they desire! In this program, your group will discover the following: - How to get out of your own way to success - Building your personal and professional "Dream Team" - Creatin...


Travels From: Chicago, IL
Fee Range: Open

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