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“Leadership Academy”
Team and individual leadership development

“Leadership Academy” (one/two days) This Leadership Academy is dynamic and unique. You will have a great time while you learn many valuable and life-changing principles. From the minute you start, you will realize that you have not come to an ordinary leadership conference. Everything we do, even the most mundane task, is presented in a fun, creative, and sometimes unorthodox way. The sess...


Travels From: Johnson City, TN
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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Quarter Turns
Small Shifts with Big Impact

Human beings are designed for sameness and repetition. This is the exact reason why it’s difficult to make changes in our businesses and in our lives. We get very comfortable doing the same thing over and over again and fall into our patterns and routines and inevitably get the same results. Have you ever driven home from work before and when you pull into the driveway-have no idea how you got t...


Travels From: Ann Arbor, MI
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Stop Chasing Your Tail
How to Get Aligned and Accountable

If you’re like most leaders, you struggle with team alignment and accountability. Through meetings and decisions, leaders build teams that achieve meaningful results. During this session, participants will learn clear, specific tools they can use to make their meetings more productive, take less time, and create buy-in. Once aligned to the goals, team members need to hold one another accountable...


Travels From: Denver, CO
Fee Range: Open

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Mindfulness & Leadership Excellence
Optimize Your Mind & Heart For The 21st Century Workplace

In a world where multi-tasking, digital distractions and continuous partial attention are the norm, it is challenging for 21st century leaders to find the time, energy and creativity to innovate. Fortunately, the practice of mindfulness – paying attention to the present moment with an attitude of open awareness – can wire your brain for leadership excellence despite the chaos. During this w...


Travels From: Baltimore, MD
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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Crisis Leadership Lessons from USS Cole Bombing
Leadership in the moment of a crisis or emergency where leadership truly matters

Five Lessons in Crisis Leadership from the attack on USS COLE. Matt Harper was a young Lieutenant with 4.5 years in the Navy, when his ship, USS Cole (DDG 67), pulled into the port city of Aden, Yemen. On the morning of 12 October 2000 al Qaeda denoted a small boat filled with over 400 pounds of explosives alongside USS Cole killing 17 Sailors and wounding 37. The attack began a 72 hour ordeal ...


Travels From: San Diego, CA
Fee Range: $500 - $1,000

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