Conquer Telephone Tag

By Donald E. Wetmore

With almost all new technological breakthroughs there is a period when the new device is heralded as the answer to all our problems, followed quickly by a learning period during which we figure out how to best capitalize on the new approach to working. Voice-mail fits this paradigm and is the culprit that heightens “telephone tag” to an art form.Voice-mail also creates a new opportunity for pe

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Too Memorable to Forget

By Ashley Cope

When I try to remember the last speech,presentation or sermon I attended, very few surface to the top of my memory. I do recall sitting through hundreds of boring hours of PowerPoint presentations given by various people — professors, classmates, and business colleagues.And while PowerPoint can be a nifty tool, the lecturers whose lessons stuck with me and whom I admired the most, were those tha

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Following Susan Boyle

By Comedian Jan McInnis

So like the rest of the planet, I am ahuge, huge fan of Susan Boyle – the unassuming woman who took to the stage on Britain’s Got Talent the other week and literally blew away the judges, the audience, and now the Internet community. In fact, the only person who was probably not thrilled with her performance had to be the guy or gal who followed her. While she was knocking ‘em dead onstage,

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A Four-Point Guideline for Delivering Winning Presentations By Understanding Your Audience

By Johnny Campbell

Every speaker wants to deliver an effective presentation. Successful presentations ensure sales, referrals and repeat bookings, which are the driving force of the speaking business. And at the core of every effective presentation is an understanding of the audience. By researching your audience before making a presentation you will better position yourself for future engagements. While researching

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Make Room For Your Life - You Deserve It!

By Janet Christensen

For many people, setting goals means adding things to busy lives. If a cup is already full to the brim, there is no room to add more water. If you want to freshen up the water, some needs to be emptied out first. So it is with your life. Consider emptying out some of the stale things from your life before making your plans and goals. Doing this involves self-reflection and can often mean making so

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Increase the Effectiveness of Your Presentation by Engaging Introverts

By Paul Edwards

Have you ever had a speaking engagement in which the members of the audience just stared at you while you talked and didn’t even smile at your jokes? Or have you ever had a speaking engagement in which you sent out waves of positive, enthusiastic energy into the audience only to watch them crash upon silent, straightfaced listeners? If either of these scenarios have happened to you, don’t worr

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Three Reasons Speakers Fail to Hit the Mark

By Patricia Fripp & Jeff Davidson

Making a connection with your audience is vital in delivering a successful presentation. And in order to make a connection, it's important to get into the habit of doing your homework before each speech. The following are three common reasons that presentations don't have the outcome you may expect, along with the remedies that can easily be applied.1. Not understanding the assignment before leavi

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Little Things Really Do Mean a Lot

By Mike Moore

Last summer I was driving alone through northern Ontario, Canada on my way to Lake Superior country for my annual solo camping trip. I do this once a year to find solitude and peace in the beauty of nature and to recharge my emotional batteries. As I was driving through a small town between Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie, I passed an insurance business that is owned by the family of a young woman wit

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The Platinum Rule® Gives You the Power to Convert More Leads Into More Sales

By Ron Finklestein

In this two-part series, learn why The Golden Rule is lackluster in comparison to The Platinum Rule® when it comes to gaining more speaking business.   Your pipeline is filling up but you are not closing as much business as you expected. How do you convert the leads from your marketing actions into revenue? Develop a better understanding of the sales process and how to qui

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5 Tax Time Tactics for Keeping More of Your Money

By Dennis Bridges

Throughout America, taxpayers are in the midst of that time of year we all love to hate — tax time. And whether you're an emerging speaker or a 20-year veteran, there are loads of legally deductible expenses to take advantage of on your return. The following are just a few of the tactics to keep in mind as you work towards the lowest legal tax liability for 2009 and 2010. 1.

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