I have always thought that being an entrepreneur was an easy goal to achieve.  By my thinking it was to  have a good idea, and selling it to people. After all, when you come up with a great idea, you always think that it is the best idea ever.  What I didn’t realize was that it would take hard work, sacrifice, commitment, faith, and a strong belief in your idea, to make your vision or dream come true. 

My experience has shown me that becoming an entrepreneur can be one of the most gratifying experience that you can have. Becoming an entrepreneur is not just about making money.  It is about seeing a need and providing a solution to the people you are trying to reach. It is a special way of thinking, a particular mindset.  It is not only about the end game, but it is also about the journey.

I have always been a writer and a teacher.  Although both were fulfilling, I felt that something was missing. I felt that I wasn’t giving people what they needed.  I was not listening to the Universe and what it was telling me. What I discovered is that the Universe, God, a higher power will always put you in a situation where you learn something that will help you to promote good, and to be a positive contributor to other people. My particular situation was being in a place where I became a caregiver to my mother. Through sharing my experience with others, I discovered that there was a need to give support to other caregivers, especially adult daughters who were caregivers to their mothers.  I listened to the Universe and discovered that my way of providing support for that particular need was through writing a book and doing workshops about the unique challenges that adult daughters have in providing caregiving for their mothers. Through this book, not only have I supplied a need to others, but also to myself.

We all are here for a purpose, so listen to the universe. You will hear your purpose.

Printed inThe Global Achievers Magazine/Issue 2 


Published October 1, 2018