A visionary can be a person with a vivid imagination. They are usually open minded and have a positive attitude. They are creative, innovative, futuristic, transformational, empowering, and can motivate and inspire.They usually think outside of the box and are not afraid of change. They can come from all walks of life, all races, all ages and either both male and female . Artists, engineers, authors, scientists, people in the medical field, educators, corporate America, etc. When a visionary is also a visionary leader, they can and usually change the world. They change how people think, what they do, what they eat, they can change all aspects of people's and even animals' lives. We all can become visionaries.

Brainstorming is choosing a particular problem and coming up with unrestrained, creative and spontaneous ideas without judging them. Think of a particular problem or inconvenience and write down all of the ideas that come into your head that would solve that problem, no matter how way out or silly the idea seems. Once you have done this, then go through them and see what idea resonates with you the most, and what idea you can envision that could happen in the future. You might come up with a solution that changes the world. 

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Published in LinkedIn June 20, 2017

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