Being organized and having a system in place to manage your leads can not only bring in more business but can also better assure potential business doesn’t “fall through the cracks”.

There are two systems to be sure you have in place. One to keep track of leads and another to have an automated plan in place to market to them on a systematic basis. One great software program can handle this as well as merging mailing, automating e-mails and others forms of contact.


Your Data Base

If you have not already done so, begin keeping track of all “potential” speaking engagements and log all pertinent information into your data base. This may include places you have previously been a speaker for, places you have talked to about speaking but they have not yet hired you, referrals you were given, etc. Be sure to include:

  • Name of the company
  • The date you started connecting with them
  • How/where you first connected with them
  • Name of your contact there and their position with the company
  • Type of company or organization they are - what do they do?
  • Contact information including phone, e-mail, mailing address, web site, etc.
  • Type of events they need a speaker for, i.e. national conference, small office meetings, etc.
  • Dated notes of all discussions, e-mails and any other contact you have with them

Your system

While building your data base, develop your written plan for how you will manage this information and maximize its marketing potential.

  • How many names are manageable to keep in the system?
  • When/how often will you contact them?
    • Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, other
  • How will you contact them?
    • E-mail
    • Traditional mail
    • Phone call
    • Connect on social media
    • News letter
    • Holiday card or letter
    • A combination of these or some other way
  • How long will you keep them in your system? When do you purge them from the list?


Software options

What software or program will you use to manage this most efficiently and effectively? A few to consider include Krux, Act, Intuit and there are many others you can find by asking other business owners what they use and searching on the internet.


Monitoring for success

Set specific time in your calendar or the calendar of your staff to work on and manage your system. To be efficient and effective someone should be touching base with this at least quarterly.