Abraham Lincoln: the seven habits of America’s greatest leader!              


Presented by: Leon McKinney, author, speaker, educator, and recently honored as a lifetime member of the national Association of Lincoln presenters.

Mr. McKinney’s presentation Abraham Lincoln and the seven habits that made him America’s greatest leader will inspire others to raise their leadership skills to the next level.

Here is an outline of the areas covered in the presentation

  1. Relationships: fascinating and powerful stories of Lincoln turning opponents into allies and friends .
    1. William Stanton, Secretary of War
    2. William Henry Seward Secretary of State
    3. Salomon Chase, secretary of commerce
  2.  Vision  (the need for vision by great leaders)
    1. preserve the democratic experiment
    2. Emancipation Proclamation
    3. political acumen
  3. Humor
    1. laughter is medicine
    2. Are you a Presbyterian?
    3. This ugliest man in the world
    4. two Quaker women
  4. Technology:  (link the most technological president in history) and shares Pres. Lincoln’s remarkable use the new technologies of the day
    1. Lincolns patent (the president to own a patent)
    2. Railroads
    3.  Telegraph
    4. air reconnaissance
    5. weapons
    6. photography
  5. Perseverance:                         
    1. I had eight hours to chop down a tree, it’s been six sharpening the axe
    2. Like, Churchill, never give up
    3. Tenacity            
  6. INTE”GRIT”Y  (remarkable stories of Lincoln’s integrity)  The bedrock principle, fail at this and everthing else with crumble.  Lincoln never let anyone down in this area!  Think of the many great leaders who have and the price paid.
    2. Lincolns national debt