After building a career from speed and flashing lights – as I did in the sports and entertainment industries – it might be surprising that I attribute my success to finding a daily stillness. But that’s exactly the case. My 20 minutes of daily meditation is a vital part of who I am. It balances the hectic nature of life, clears my mind to focus on what’s important, and simplifies my day to day. I hope my experience can inspire yours so that you can find a path to success, too.


Picture a car on the peak of a long and steep San Francisco street. It starts idle, not forced in any direction just yet. But once the car begins to roll, it gains speed and momentum as it zooms downhill. Stopping the car becomes increasingly more difficult and more and more energy is needed the longer it’s in motion.

That car is your body throughout the day, building speed from when you wake up, head to meetings, take client calls, sit in traffic, prepare dinner—tasks keep accumulating. Prior to meditation, my day was the speeding car, probably like many of you reading this. But once I started scheduling a daily meditation, I found clarity, balance and focus. My calm state fuels my confidence, which in turn benefits my business. Success and happiness all from 20 minutes a day!

Meditation even plays into my business mantra of “make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun.” It’s the behind the scenes moments (like the 20 I religiously take every day) that make the rest possible.

Find clarity

Seeing the effects of meditation on paper makes it clear to me why I take this time every day. Decisions and actions fall into place. Directly after your meditation, take a minute or two to reflect on the experience. Some days you’re more focused, others more tense, so every practice will vary. Jot down what you felt or noticed in your body and mind.

Start simple

Meditation is one of the simplest ways to change your life for the better. Start by making a habit of saying and thinking “thank you” when you wake up and when you go to bed. Just acknowledging life and bringing this awareness to mind twice a day will start to balance you. It’s one second, two words, and a simple way to bookend your day. Thank you is a meditation we all do without even knowing it. Become more conscious of your words as a start to your practice. You’ll surely reap the benefits, at home and at work; I certainly have.