The Tao (pronounced Dow as in Dow Jones) of Coaching Taking care of your business can be a great stress reducer and contribute to your overall state of health. One of the things that I and several hundred million Chinese people and countless Americans do each day is an exercise call T'ai Chi. For the uninitiated, it is those slow graceful, ballet-like moves that one usually sees older folks doing in parks and on beaches. This very widely practiced "martial art" has another series of exercises, for the more advanced student, where the postures become applied in a two person like dance movement. It is called "sticking hands." Using the foundation of many of the eastern fighting forms; it relies on using the opponents force against them and is based on the four principals of yielding, adhering, redirecting, and neutralizing. Meeting force on force in this exercise is silly and ineffective, just as it is in life and business. Many times we see hard driving business people say "I meet problems head on.." My experience with these types is that they either wind up with a headache or they becomes carriers of headaches to the staff the work with and very little progress is made. Using the principles of T'ai Chi one can redouble their effectiveness by first yielding (or identifying the issue of challenge one wishes to address). Next they can adhere or focus on the problem with all of the whys and wherefores and address the full scope of what is really going on before they rush in "hell bent for leather" and make a mess out of things by proceeding to fix it too soon. This is merely the situation analyzes stage. Once this is completed we can than proceed to re-directing our energies to implement the specific tasks necessary to improve the situation. Finally the problem becomes neutralized. Owner of companies who work closely with their respective business coaches often times find they can get so much more accomplished and reach their meaningful goals in a considerably more timely fashion when they embrace this ancient philosophical practice from the east. They sleep better knowing that their business is moving forward and they are running it rather than it running them. It becomes so much less stressful when it is done this way. Very good, "grasshopper." Article Source: Article Source: