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Leadership Training
Establish an effective board or committee

Key Points: - Defining main purpose/mission - Outlining procedures for conducting effective board meetings - Learning officer/board responsibilities - Building effective relationships with other board members - Understanding fiscal responsibility and budgeting procedures - Knowing committee responsibilities - Setting goals and planning for the future - Planning projects and time-li...


Travels From: Burbank, CA
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Why Be Ordinary When You Can Be Remarkable?
Learn how to go A.P.E. for Leadership (Attitude, Preparation, Effort)!

If a staff truly comes together as a team, learns to share "One Heartbeat" and focuses on one united vision, there is little to nothing they cannot accomplish. The problem is that few staffs ever develop that effortless cohesion and accept and adhere to a total team concept mentality. They allow office politics, gossip, jealousy, promotion tracts and attitudes to interfere with overall success a...


Travels From: Cincinnati, OH
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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The Myth of Employee Burnout
What it is. Why it happens. What to do about it.

The Myth of Employee Burnout explores how every facet of the ‘employee life cycle’ (from recruiting to termination) can play a role in determining if an employee will continue working at a high level or not. We discuss practical and strategic steps you can take in order to reverse the effects of burnout, or eliminate it altogether.


Travels From: Orlando, FL
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Leadership On a Shoestring Budget
Essential Leadership Skills for Small Business Success

Today's Uncertain times require that businesses and organizations maintain a strong vision, yet remain flexible in their approach. During this program, Madeline will show your audience the following: - How to communicate a clear vision - How to communicate with difficult people - How to lead people who are different than you are What people are saying: "Dr. Madeline Frank was a fantastic ...


Travels From: Newport News, VA
Fee Range: Open

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Becoming a Bulletproof Leader
How to get the most and best from your people.

"Why can't everyone just show up and do their job!?" Have you ever said something like that on one of those stressful days when you questioned your decision to become a manager? Well don't feel bad because all leaders get frustrated from time to time. But we have a plan to help you get frustrated a lot less. Interested? If so, we invite you to a day of leadership development at its finest!...


Travels From: Rogers, AR
Fee Range: Varies

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