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"I Am Their Leader, Which Way Did They Go?"
Providing guidance, encouragement and direction in the workplace.

Finding a leadership style that supports, empowers, and encourages subordinates while still maintaining a commitment to accountability and excellence can be very challenging. This presentation encourages participants to reflect on those incidents in their personal biographies that may be either enhancing or inhibiting their ability to affect others in positive ways. This session contains a humoro...


Travels From: Tulsa, OK
Fee Range: Varies

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The Believe System
7 Steps to success in your personal & professional life

My motivation behind creating this product is I am known in the self-help industry as The Believe Coach. My approach to my coaching & counseling practice is the notion that everything we do in our personal and professional life starts from our internal belief system. We will not spend energy or effort on things that are not meaningful or influential to us unless it aligns with our belief o...


Travels From: Milwaukee, WI
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Leadership Magic
The Journey from Trickster to Sage

In this dynamic presentation the audience takes a journey of self as they gain the knowledge and skills to be an effective leader. Using his personal journey, stories and magic Solarzar changes lives with this presentation as he entertains. The only question is...Are You Ready to Change?


Travels From: Marina, CA
Fee Range: Available upon request

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Breakthrough Leadership
For CEOs and Senior Managers

Breakthrough Leadership for CEOs and Senior Managers. The days of passive boards with crony CEOs and buddy-buddy lieutenants are over. Today’s challenges require a better brand of leadership from CEOs and senior officers. You can’t be Superman or Wonder Woman, but you can develop compelling new leadership skills and a powerful leadership presence, becoming a force for transformational change. ...


Travels From: Vail (Eagle County), CO
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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Resilient Leadership
Growing Your People and Organization in Challenging Times

Dr. Marti provides simple, compelling action steps you can use immediately to behave your way to greater success and service. Learn research-based resiliency factors; keys to manage your time and energy; daily practices that nurture possibility thinking, team work and bold action – and much more!


Travels From: Cedar Rapids, IA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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