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Estate Planning Basics
Wills, trusts and powers of attorney for masses.

Presentation for church groups, businesses, community organizations, etc. covering the basics of estate planning, including: - Why you should have a will; - Whether your old will is still good; - Issues to think about when making a will; - Assets that aren't controlled by the terms of your will; - Powers of Attorney and other estate planning documents; - W...


Travels From: Denver, CO
Fee Range: $1 - $500

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Lawyers: Build Financially Strong Practices
Utilizing the Subconscious Mind to Produce Referrals.

It is all about Word-of-Mouth Referrals. Your referral base can be developed and brought to life. But you must have a plan of action. For over 25 years Stan has helped hundreds of lawyers build strong practices. I am sorry to tell you that LinkedIn and Facebook by themselves are not the magic bullet. Nor, is running around to a bunch of meetings. They are only a small piece of the puzzle, a...


Travels From: Orlando, FL
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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The Secrets of Superhero Lawyers
Achieving Excellence and a Better Life in Your Law Practice

What makes a lawyer a Superhero Lawyer? Trial Attorney and Founder of The Winning Litigator®, Larry Kaye, explores the traits that transform a lawyer from good to excellent. By pursuing these qualities, any lawyer can find happiness in law practice and life. Larry draws on his experience as an Attorney representing plaintiff's primarily in employment cases, and his experience as a Tony Award...


Travels From: Bethesda, MD
Fee Range: Varies

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Criminal Justice and the Legal System
Former Mob Boss "dishes" on Law Enforcement

Having beaten five major indictments, one prosecuted by Rudy Giuliani, who threatened to give him 100 years if convicted, Franzese has a unique perspective on the legal system. He orchestrated and negotiated his plea to racketeering, resulting in a 10 year sentence, which precipitated his departure from the life he once lived successfully. Throughout his indictments and trials, Franzese was repres...


Travels From: Orange County / Los Angeles, CA
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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An Introduction to Forensice Document Examination
What every legal professional needs to know about document authenticatio

This 5-hour interactive seminar presents many aspects of forensic document examination. It is approved by the State Bar of California for five hours MCLE credit. Topics covered are: 1. How to partner with your document examine 2. Handwriting identification 3. The effects of bias on forensic examiners’ opinions 4. Altered documents 5. Computer generated documents 6. Digitally created...


Travels From: Temecula, CA
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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