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Recovering from Great Loss
How to go from Grief to Graitiude!

This program is special to my heart as I have recovered from the sudden loss of my two daughters, dog, husband and two homes after a mudslide in 2012. I am lucky that I was already trained to teach and heal others from loss, so when it became my turn, I was equipped to go from Grief to Gratitude and prevent post traumatic stress disorder. What most don't realize is that natural stress solutio...


Travels From: Delray Beach, FL
Fee Range: Varies

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Grief and Mourning Resolved
Understanding and working through the grieving process

Our culture is weak when it comes to communicating and processing grief and loss. Seminar topics cover everything from the basics of the grieving process to how to help a child mourn. Adaptation to the audience will be made to meet the needs and interests of those in attendance.


Travels From: Phoenix, AZ
Fee Range: $1 - $500

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The Widowed in America
Surprising Thing to Learn About Widowhood

I was at a church service one Sunday morning. A woman stood at the pulpit and spoke for a few minutes. She then proceeded to ask that folks stand up when she mentioned a person they knew. • Please stand if you are a widow. • If you are related to a widow. • If you work with a widow. • If you lived near or next door to a widow. • If it’s possible that someday you may become a widow...


Travels From: Myrtle Beach, SC
Fee Range: $500 - $1,000

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Mindfulness & Grief: Techniques For Posttraumatic Growth
Honor Your Loss While Living Your Life

Mindfulness-based practices, such as meditation, yoga and formal compassion practice, can help bereaved people steady their mind, relax their body, and make meaning from their loss, all while tapping into the stress-reducing relaxation response. Based on case studies from a weekly drop-in Relaxation and Meditation for Grief Group at a community meditation center, this session will illustrate h...


Travels From: Baltimore, MD
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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From Heartache to Happiness
Letting go and moving on

Inspirational speakers Bill and Irene Stafford experienced some of the greatest heartaches you could imagine, from the death of their daughter to cancer, the loss of their parents to eventually the demise of their marriage. They found themselves trapped in the tornado of life. All of their unresolved life issues began surfacing, and it was negatively affecting their relationship with friends, fami...


Travels From: Los Angeles, CA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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