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Be Empowered and Engaged with Purpose, Passion and Action!

Are You Tapping Your Talent? Is your Staff Shining?Too many people are sleep walking through their jobs–Wasting their talent and not bringing their best selves to work.What Can You Do?Let Diane help. With this keynote your audience will learn how to…Purposefully engage at work through alignment with the organization’s purpose, vision and values.Deliver work passionately, fired up and committ...


Travels From: New York City, NY
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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The Ask: You Had Them At Hello
Fundraising: Perfecting the ASK

The biggest mistake fundraisers make is to NOT ask. Beginning with the fundamental principles of philanthropy, including our intrinsic desire to make a difference, this presentation builds from a quick review of the most basic of fundraising techniques to a crescendo of solicitation techniques. With more than 2 decades of successful experience in nonprofit organizational leadership, with a s...


Travels From: Salt Lake City, UT
Fee Range: Varies

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Create, Communicate, Collaborate

Imagine, 6, 60 or 600 of your attendees totally interacting, laughing, fully engaged while learning AND experiencing new ways to Collaborate, Communicate and Create. By using one of the most exhilarating forces in business today, improvisation, Max will comfortably take you out of your comfort zone and into excitement, inspiration and innovation! What attendees will learn and experience: • Ho...


Travels From: Los Angeles, CA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Thinking Inside the Box
Preparing Your Lifeskills Toolbox

What tools do we already possess that when used creatively in tandem with others' strengths can make us more effective? This question is part of the conundrum every employer, team leader, teacher and manager faces whenever two or more people are involved in getting something done. The fact is that we all have inner tools available to us which we have not learned to use to their full potential an...


Travels From: Victorville, CA
Fee Range: Open

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Marketing Automation for Small Business Owners & Salespeople
Automate Your Marketing Tasks and Sell More!