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From Action to Cut
Leadership Skills I Learned While Making My First Independent Film

Leadership skills are the same whether one is running a multi-million dollar corporation or a micro-budget film production. In 2001 when I made my first award-winning film, I learned great lessons about teambuilding, leading professionals from a wide range of professions in the pursuit of one single goal, dealing with conflict and maintaining a tight and complicated schedule all with the constrain...


Travels From: Northwest Ohio, OH
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Dare to Live Without Limits
How to Harness the Secrets of Success

Limitations are a brick wall. Breaking through them is the key to accomplishing more than you ever thought possible. We erroneously assume we are limited by external factors that are beyond our control. In actuality, our limitations are self-imposed. You will learn the same secrets utilized by highly successful people to break free of the chains that restrict you.


Travels From: Hopewell Jct., NY
Fee Range: Available upon request

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