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The Bully Prevention Specialist
Learn How to: Prevent, Address and Overcome Bullying

When the moment is bigger than the minute, and you must overcome the challenge at hand Mr. Woodard can help. He will teach your participants how to: -prevent, -address and overcome bullying. Mr. Woodard will expose and equip your participants with a special system, which is composed of techniques that will transform a victim to a victor. This is done by equipping participants to know: -wha...


Travels From: Saint Petersburg, FL
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Overcome Conflict & Improve Company Culture
Proven Steps to forever change how your company handles conflict

Everyone talks about conflict resolution, but often the advice given is hard to put into practice. The key to success is thoughtful action: taking pre-defined steps that result in a better understanding, constructive communication, and well-planned follow-up. Randy outlines these steps in clear ways so every manager can understand and provides training that can be used to help everyone overcome co...


Travels From: Baltimore/Washington DC area
Fee Range: Varies

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Difficult, Demanding ,in Your Face and in Your Office...
....encountering and defusing the hostile patient in a medical pract

All medical practices hope that all patients are happy and satisfied, but the truth of the matter is that every office will encounter some one who is angry, difficult, hostile, or demanding at some point in the life of the business. These patients can show up in any kind of office practice - medical, dental, chiropractic, group or solo, self employed or corporate owned. Front office staff, l...


Travels From: Greater Cleveland area, OH
Fee Range: $500 - $1,000

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The Radical Power of Forgiveness
Why you want it. Why you need it.

The audience is shown two models of forgiveness, traditional and new thought. They are brought to understand how each model works and within the learning of the two models is the transformation of the self. She illustrates that even when you don’t know how to forgive, your "willingness" is the start of a new life of relief, peace and love. This topic has been presented as a keynote, a breakou...


Travels From: San Antonio, TX
Fee Range: Open

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Resolving Conflict at work

Confrontation with valued employees can leave you and others hurt and angry. The result is often a lack of resolve and ongoing tension which stifles creativity, slows productivity, and creates a less than optimal work environment for everyone. Elephants and gorillas take up most of the oxygen in meetings and in the hallway. Becoming competent in handling conflict shuts down rumor mills, pre...