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Racism: It's Real, It's Created, and It's Preventable
Moving Towards Racial Healing & Action

Racism is an uncomfortable topic that most people shy away from. The current public discourse on racism is divisive and unproductive. This program provides context on racism, how it works, how it hurts, and what we can do.


Travels From: Boston, MA
Fee Range: Varies

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TheraCoaching for Developing Right Relationship With Spiritual Power
The Five Forms of Spiritual Power: Healthy & Damaging Versions

"TheraCoaching for Developing Right Relationship With Spiritual Power" is a Multi-Day Facilitation Training Program for Faith-Based Settings & Social Change Conferences. This training opportunity/event focuses on "The new Lifetime Happiness Formula™" that sustains your Thrill of Living™ without sacrificing your spiritual beliefs, your personal integrity or social responsibility. Keynot...


Travels From: San Diego, CA
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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Marketing Automation for Small Business Owners & Salespeople
Automate Your Marketing Tasks and Sell More!
Build and Give
Remember Your First Bike? You couldn’t wait to jump on and show it off to friends!

Each team from your company comes together for the purpose of developing common goals through highly interactive and engaging tasks while they are building bicycles. The end results being that each individual member will know their strengths and what is vital for team co-operation. The give back is when all the team building challenges are completed each team wil...

Mobilizing Communities to Grow Resilience

As CEO of the nonprofit National Resilience Institute, Dr. Marti studies and practices building resilient communities. Attendees learn the THRIVE Model of Resiliency™, science of mattering, and strategies to engage, connect with, challenge, and enrich others. Use these practices to increase meaning, strength and results in your community!


Travels From: Cedar Rapids, IA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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