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Culture of Innovation
Fostering a Culture of Innovation through the Bottom-Up Innovation Program

Your employees know your business and your customers. Create a platform that will encourage them to generate ideas to satisfy your customers’ needs and grow the business. The Bottom-Up Innovation Program engages employees to go above and beyond to generate ideas that will increase customer satisfaction, create operational efficiencies, and help transform products into what customers want.


Travels From: San Francisco, CA
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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From Success to Significance
The 8 Keys to Achieving any Goal or Dream

This presentation is from Kris' Best-Selling book, From Success to Significance: The 8 Keys to Achieving any Goal or Dream. In this presentation Kris Mathis delivers a step-by-step program that teaches you "The 8 Keys to Achieving any Goal or Dream." In From Success to Significance, what you will discover is that Kris has traveled a road that many people are familiar with. He has overcome numer...


Travels From: Grand Rapids, MI
Fee Range: Open

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Inspirational Living For a Better Life - Applied Spirituality
Intuition, Meditation, Confirmation and Spiritual Direction

Everyone is searching or yearning for something, Jock Brocas teaches the realities of spirituality in overcoming adversity and introduces the audience to Intuition through practical application. Learn the realities of meditation and how to do it without struggling in life. Learn the powers of the soul and how mindfulness can help you develop not only you, but your workforce and leaders into pe...


Travels From: Orlando, FL
Fee Range: Varies

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The Four Pillars of Organizational Greatness
Leveraging Your Rudolphs

What would you do if you knew you had a fountain of creativity within your organization...and were unaware of... Encompassing roughly 10 percent of every size and type of organization, this fountain of creativity is grossly untapped as a result of traditional hierarchical design and prevalent organizational political structures. Who are these highly creative and passionate contributors to an or...


Travels From: Phoenix, AZ
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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Is Your DNA Your Destiny?
Power of belief can be used to push beyond what is to discover what can be

Your DNA is not Your Destiny Adapted specifically for a corporate audience, Devin offers real-world strategies for people struggling to fit in with others, accept themselves, and overcome stigmas that come with disabilities and other internal challenges. He relays tips and actionable advice that leads to stronger cultures and more solid work teams. Devin gives talks and workshops around the cou...


Travels From: San Diego, CA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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