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Mindset for Success
Identify and unleash the mental obstacles holding you back

This presentation addresses the common beliefs that we hold from childhood and helps identify obstacles holding you back. Your audience will leave knowing why they think the way they do and offers practical steps to eliminate their limiting beliefs. We’ll also address how men and women’s brains process information differently and how to find your unique learning style. The transformative messa...


Travels From: Chicago, IL
Fee Range: Open

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Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude Classroom Workshop
Move beyond positive attitude to YES!

Positive attitude is the foundation for everything in life. In Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude, you and your team will learn the art of having a positive attitude as well as how to live a positive life. In this full-day workshop, based on this attitude-altering book, you will have the opportunity to uncover the secret to a YES! Attitude. Jeffrey Gitomer’s certified cont...


Travels From: Jacksonville, FL
Fee Range: Varies

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Get the Clarity Without the Crisis
What You Can Learn About Stress from Trauma Survivors

Why is it that people who have survived trauma and illness seem to have more perspective than everyone else? Wouldn’t you like to approach life with that same kind of attitude? This program will help you uncover the secrets of surviving, and get that clarity BEFORE you face a major life crisis. These resilience techniques are based on real-life survivor stories, and they offer a way to bounce ...


Travels From: Austin, TX
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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Four faces of Vulnerability
the transformational power of vulnerability

In our domination based society, vulnerability is all but taboo and regarded solely in negative terms. Ignoring them does not eliminate them, they continue to exist in the workplace. If we can deal with vulnerabilities in a constructive way then we open the door to a powerful agent of potential transformation, individually and collectively. We will explore four faces of vulnerability: forced ...


Travels From: Boston, MA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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