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Designing a Christ-center Business Blueprint

Starting a small business is a spiritual journey. As a spirit-led entrepreneur, we have a divine call to action. As you develop your MasterPurpose business, it is critical to be mindful of the important Biblical lessons and wisdom that should serve as the foundation of your business. In this workshop, you will learn the blueprint to construct your brand as a spirit-led entrepreneur and the formula...


Travels From: Washington, DC, DC
Fee Range: Open

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Strategic Planning Abroad - Parallels between private sector and the intelligence community
ethics/integrity in the workplace and cultural literacy

How is strategic planning abroad for business similar to, and how does it differ from that of the intelligence community? What are the best practices? What is Cultural literacy? How can we set up our executives to succeed? TV Commentator, NYU Professor and streetwise CIA Officer Scott Uehlinger answers the questions above based upon his 12 years living abroad in the former Soviet Union and...


Travels From: Reading, PA
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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Developing And Executing Your Company Strategy

Developing and executing your company strategy examines the strategic management process and implementation of successful business strategies in the highly competitive and dynamic global environment. You will analyze the impact of technology, government policy, and world economic and political forces on strategy formulation and execution. This training program will give you a complete underst...


Travels From: Houston, TX
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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3D Strategic Planning
Strategic thinking is above the neck. Tactical is below the neck.

It’s estimated worldwide that more than 60% of strategies are not successfully implemented. The best time to create a strategic plan is nowSet a timetable. For anyone who’s tried to execute strategy, this finding should come as no surprise. When asked to define strategy execution, most managers respond with statements like, “It’s the successful implementation of a strategic plan” or “...


Travels From: Chicago, IL
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Courageous Future
How Strategic Planning Can Align Your Organization and Drive Success

Few things have the potential to galvanize an organization as much as a bold future. Setting a strong strategic direction for your organization is critical. Even your department and project teams will benefit from focused planning. Unfortunately, people think that strategic planning expertise is solely the domain of highly specialized, external consultants who have to bring their special brand of ...


Travels From: Asheville, NC
Fee Range: Available upon request

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