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Closing the Sale - Charting your progress
A hands on workshop learning the techniques to get people to buy - and close the deal.

This is a hands on workshop where Barb teaches the techniques and then does a role playing session where the attendees practice these techniques to see the reactions and get real results and close deals. Barb has done live calls where she calls the potential client - or will also do a live workshop with people partnering in the audience. This is a result driven workshop based on the industry and...


Travels From: Kansas City, MO
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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Sales, Non-Verbal Communication and Why We Buy
The New Paradigm of Selling

Join Author, Sales Trainer and Hypnotist, Peter McLaughlin as he delves into the exciting new understanding of how we really communicate and why we buy and why we don't. It's no longer debatable, we buy for emotional reasons and our principle form of communication is non-verbal. Sophisticated advertisers have sold to us for decades with a deep appreciation of the intricate psychology involved ...


Travels From: Buffalo, NY
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Rock at Sales and be a Selling Superstar
Know Your Customer. Learn to Listen. Ask Good Questions. Be the Problem-Solver.

There are secrets to sales success. It boils down to the best customer service. To serve your customer means you have to understand him first. You have to listen for his problems and become the problem-solvers. That means employing the 70/30 Rule. You listen 70% of the time and only speak 30%! You don't have a running chat rolling through your head while the customer is speaking either. You actual...


Travels From: Mission Viejo, CA
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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“Life and Business Lessons Learned While Hiking the Inca Trail”
NOT a travelogue!

As the title says, this is NOT a travelogue…far from it. “Some amazing insights came to me while making the arduous four-day trek along the Inca Trail to Matsu Picchu in late 2013.” Bruce Keith In this fascinating overview of what it takes to be successful, Bruce reveals his findings and conclusions as they relate to business, to selling, and to life. Over two dozen real life discoveries...


Travels From: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Fee Range: Varies

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The Damus Dynamic
Sale, prevail, and excel in a everchanging economy

Prevail, Sale, and Excel in the New Economy Developed to help sales associates increase the company’s average unit selling price, increase the company’s volume, and overcome customer objections resulting in an increase in sales and profitability for your organization. In this powerful presentation Damus will teach you the formula he has developed over 12 years that has helped him beco...


Travels From: Metro Detroit, MI
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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