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Understanding and Selling to the CIO Half Day Workshop
Understanding your customer is vital to understanding their needs

In sales, understanding your customer is vital to understanding their needs. This topic is specifically designed to help sales organizations understand IT's needs, wants, challenges, and aspirations through the eyes of a CIO. To that end, this talk outlines the "state of the CIO role", "what IT wants from its vendors, presentation types appreciated by IT, and "how salespeople can build their ...


Travels From: Boston, MA
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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Sales Success Roadmap: Your GPS to Navigate Ruts
Get out of your sales rut and into a customer-inspired perspective

Get out of your sales rut with Mj Callaway and move into Sales Success! Because • You have a gap in your sales process • You know and want to improve your sales • You’re losing sales you should be getting and don’t know why • You can’t afford to lose more sales • You need to slow down your customer’s target practice questions You Need To • Customized sales system to...


Travels From: Pittsburgh, PA
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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5 Steps to Propel Sales, Push Profits and Put More Fun in Your Life!

Are you maximizing all your sales opportunities? If not, why not? As a former Purchasing Agent for the nation’s 9th largest City and in sales most of her life, Tammy will share profit creating strategies and how to plan for inevitable setbacks. Building relationships is key, but there are tips of the trade to make you stand out in the field. Using communication skills and a bit of fun, Tammy ...


Travels From: San Diego, CA
Fee Range: Open

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Increasing sales power
Increasing customer service success

Imagine...your workforce taking innovative action, and making personal and professional accomplishment part of their daily activities. Mel Campbell has a time tested and a proven track record of helping individuals make a transformation in their lives, and he wants to help do the same for your entire organization.


Travels From: Atlanta, GA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Go for No!
Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There

The #1 reason why most organizations are not maximizing their sales interactions is the fear of failure, rejection, and NO on the part of the sales/ service representatives and managers that are in front of customers. It's not their fault but it needs to get solved. This motivational presentation will teach them how to share their products and services without fear of getting no. Whether you...


Travels From: Orlando , FL
Fee Range: Over $10,000

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