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Giving them what they want while getting what you need
How to negotiate win-win deals

Negotiation skills: Giving them what they want while getting what you need! In this full day of training, you will: 1. Learn what a negotiation is and isn’t 2. Discover the qualities and characteristics of outstanding negotiators 3. Understand the three necessary ingredients for a successful negotiation 4. Learn how to prepare ahead of time for the negotiation 5. Understand the dis...


Travels From: Castro Valley, CA
Fee Range: Available upon request

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Mindful Negotiation Level 2
Follow up workshop. Collaborative and win/win negotiating

A full-day, highly interactive workshop aimed at bridging the gap between competitive and collaborative negotiation strategies. People often fall into one of these two categories mentioned above. One style isn’t better than the other, they’re both equally as important, the mistake people make is that they unconsciously choose one method exclusively. Skilled negotiators have a lot of self-aware...


Travels From: Los Angeles, CA
Fee Range: Over $10,000

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Emotional Negotiation
How to Settle that Difficult Claim

In both liability and worker's compensation claims people are emotional about what has happened and how they deserve to be compensated. These can be very difficult cases to settle because they are negotiated from an emotional, rather than a logical, perspective. When negotiating with someone who feels wronged, there are specific techniques to use to allow the person to be heard, feel vindicated, a...


Travels From: San Ramon, CA
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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How to Get to Yes - Boos Your Power of Persuasion
The key to persuading, motivating and influencing others on your ideas, services and concerns is to understand others first before having them underst

Dr. Stephen R. Covey said it best: “The whole key to human influence is first to be influenced. The key to having influence with another person is that they felt that they had influence with you. You were open to them, to what they were saying and feeling”. Similarly, the key to persuading, motivating and influencing others on your ideas, services and concerns is to understand others fir...


Travels From: Washington, DC
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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WOW! them instead of WHY? them.
Meaning Memories® How To create a Customer Return Policy For A Reason

When was the last time you received exceptional service? Did it create a Meaningful Memory? Would you do business with them again? Did you tell others about your experience? WOW your customer with WONDROUS-OUTSTANDING- WORRY FREE policies. A WOW policy is an investment, not an expense. Jim provides a revolutionary way of thinking about your customers, competition, markets and th...


Travels From: Chicago, IL
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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