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Unstoppable, How to Remove obsticles
How to create great inner circles that help you succeed

Harvard business review, the New York Times and Psychology today all report that incivility is on the rise, but we did not need to read that right? We see it in the workplaces, in the schools, and on the roads, it seems to have exploded over the past few years resulting in lost work, a diminished family life and in some cases death. Businesses lose profits and government agencies lose time w...


Travels From: Turlock, CA
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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How you OVERCOME the STRUGGLE Defines Who You Are!
Finding VICTORY in the VALLEY

"THE STRUGGLE YOU'RE IN TODAY, IS DEVELOPING THE STRENGTH YOU NEED FOR TOMORROW." Every GREAT company faces obstacles and instead of finding defeat they find strength and persevere through challenge. It's about harvesting the good, it's about staying on track even when the path ahead seems near impossible. Walkaway Points: 1. Persistence - Pushing forward when you feel like giving up. Tool...


Travels From: Detroit, MI
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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The Mysteries of Motivation Unlocked
How to Motivate People at Work

It has always been considered that a motivated worker is more productive, better adjusted, more loyal. By and large this is very true. The mystery has always been how do you motivate people. Theories abound, but through years of practice, consulting and teaching I believe that it is possible to achieve the elusive goal of the motivated worker. It's not a "quick fix", but a process of management th...


Travels From: New York
Fee Range: Open

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The Corporate Action Hero
Be an Action Hero NOT a Reaction Zero!!

The Motivational Speaker with a Bullwhip! John Davis in this exciting, humorous,and empowering audience participation Keynote, brings out the inner action hero and empowers people to take action. If you feel your team/audience : Could use more focus Need more follow through Are tired of knee jerk reactions or personality barriers or Could use a reward for hard work accom...


Travels From: Akron, OH
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Inspiring Others to Overcome Adversity
Achieving a Life of Purpose, Peace and Joy

Mike Reis is a dynamic speaker who is passionate about inspiring others to overcome adversity and live a life of purpose, peace and joy. He connects with his audiences by being authentic, transparent and vulnerable about his life. Mike is a survivor from a lifetime of family dysfunction, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse, attempted suicide, multiple divorces, alcoholism and other addictive beha...


Travels From: Atlanta, GA
Fee Range: Varies

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