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How to become Physically, Financially, and Spiritually in alignment for retirement

I use humor and personal stories to create a vision within each participant for their retirement Physically, Financially, and Spiritually. Then leaving them with the skills to develop a plan to attain their vision. My presentation is perfect for social groups, civic organizations , and companies with a minimum of 10 and up to 100 participants.


Travels From: Milwaukee, WI
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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Rethinking Retirement
Creating Passion and Purpose in the 2nd Half of Life

The transition from working career to retirement can be one of the most emotionally disruptive transitions of a person's life. Unexpected issues around personal identity, family and social networks and re-establishing a sense of purpose are common for new retirees. The Rethinking Retirement Workshop looks at six key emotional and psychological areas of our lives and how they are affected by the...


Travels From: Denver, CO
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Take Out The Trash!
Time to Purge the Head Trash and leave it at the curb.

Learn what is holding you back from attaining your goals. Eavesdrop on your own conversations and listen to what's being said. You'll be amazed how debilitating your own words are to you! Learn techniques on how to purge your head trash and make room for the things you are meant to have life: a great relationship, superior goal attainment and more money - of course! This is either a 30 or...


Travels From: New York City, NY
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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Increase Productivity - Tap Into Your Creative Powers
Rewards of Higher Productivity

If you are ready for a breakthrough this could be the perfect session for you. Before the end of this session you and your audience will have their own workable plan of action that promises to produce results - GUARANTEED. This program will have a minimal learning curve. You will be able to apply the benefits immediately. The Good News is that you already know 98% of everything you need t...


Travels From: Orlando, FL
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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A.G.R.E.E. to Forgive
Healing Emotional Bruises

A.G.R.E.E. to Forgive Healing Emotional Bruises – If someone simply were to poke us on the arm, it’s no big deal. But if we had a bruise where we were poked, we might yell, pull back and/or lash out. The same is true with emotional bruises. If someone does or says something that should be no big deal, but we yell, pull back and/or lash out, then that is a clue that they’ve touched an emotio...


Travels From: State College, PA
Fee Range: Available upon request

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