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Redefining Retirement
What's Your Encore?

Until now, nearly all retirement planning has been fiscal. Once your finances are in order, the question still remains: What will you do with your time in retirement? It's a much bigger challenge than expected and very few sources address the problem. Shortly after the euphoria of, "Yahoo! I don't have to go to work today!" wears off, new retirees often feel: • An overall sense of loss ...


Travels From: San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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Surviving Office Life: How to Eat, Move & Sleep to Reduce Stress, Improve Your Productivity & Health
Survive and Thrive in the Corporate World

Millions of workers leave work tired, stressed, and out of shape. Many feel their work life is responsible for their poor eating habits, keeping them from doing proper exercise, and leading them to excessive drinking and smoking. In addition, their stress carries a high price personally and professionally, costing U.S. businesses more than $200 billion annually. In this dynamic talk Ted combine...


Travels From: Miami, FL
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Motivational, Inspirational, Educational, Personal Effectiveness, Mentoring, Coaching, Anger, Life Balance, Mind, Mental Health, Conflict

You have the option to choose a topic of your choice include: Motivational, Inspirational, Educational, Mentoring, Coaching, Personal effectiveness, staff enrichment, Anger Management, Mental Health, Depression, Stress, Alcohol, Drugs, Mental Health, General Health, Work/Life Balance, Mind/Body, Life Balance, Conflict Management, Youth, Kids, Hindu Religion, Spirituality, Self-management, Self-tra...


Travels From: Dallas, TX
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Increase Productivity - Tap Into Your Creative Powers
Rewards of Higher Productivity

If you are ready for a breakthrough this could be the perfect session for you. Before the end of this session you and your audience will have their own workable plan of action that promises to produce results - GUARANTEED. This program will have a minimal learning curve. You will be able to apply the benefits immediately. The Good News is that you already know 98% of everything you need t...


Travels From: Orlando/Tampa, FL
Fee Range: Open

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