Jodi A. Pliszka, M.S The Solutionologist

Jodi A. Pliszka, M.S The Solutionologist


Elite Key Note Speaker /Leadership /Motivation /Inspiration

Jodi is the speaker industry’s “best kept secret”. "Motivational, Inspirational, Educational and OUTSTANDING." Jodi is unlike every other speaker; she’s an ‘expert thinker that speaks and shows how to succeed in your job and home life.'

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Jodi A. Pliszka, M.S The Solutionologist
MS. Jodi Pliszka, M.S. - Motivational Speaker

Pliszka's Adventures LLC

Elite Key Note Speaker /Leadership /Motivation /Inspiration

Jodi is the speaker industry’s “best kept secret”. "Motivational, Inspirational, Educational and OUTSTANDING." Jodi is unlike every other speaker; she’s an ‘expert thinker that speaks and shows how to succeed in your job and home life.'

Fee Range: Available Upon Request
Travels from Milwaukee, WI

  • The National Speakers Association
  • Certified Management Consultant
Jodi A. Pliszka, M.S The Solutionologist - Motivational Speaker

Jodi A. Pliszka, M.S The Solutionologist

Pliszka's Adventures LLC

Elite Key Note Speaker /Leadership /Motivation /Inspiration

Jodi is the speaker industry’s “best kept secret”. "Motivational, Inspirational, Educational and OUTSTANDING." Jodi is unlike every other speaker; she’s an ‘expert thinker that speaks and shows how to succeed in your job and home life.'

Fee Range: Available Upon Request
Travels from: Milwaukee, WI

  • The National Speakers Association
  • Certified Speaking Professional

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Your investment in Jodi will pay off right away by making it easier for your audience members to propagate new ideas that unleash lasting business growth-now more than ever! Jodi delivers immediately actionable, expert leadership strategies and tactics to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition!  Jodi focuses on LEADERSHP techniques to help grow your business and involvement, within your community.  Leaders are made, not born.  Jodi shares secrets of cultivating an effective leader and uses personal experiences, as both a leader in business and community, to relate with her audiences.

Jodi is the motivational/inspirational speaking industry’s “best kept secret.” She is unlike every other speaker; she’s an ‘expert who speaks and takes action.’ The media has labeled Jodi as “Ms. Innovation.” Jodi’s fusion of real-life stories and her conversational techniques connect with her audiences at an intimate, intense and individual level. Jodi has real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, her views are radically different. FACT: Being around people that think differently is the diversity that powers leadership. Jodi ignites passion by cultivating critical thinking skills; allowing you to reach your untapped potential.

Less than 5.5% of US patent holders are women, and less than 1% of these women has a Master’s degree and successfully brought a product to market. Jodi has both, earning her a spot in an elite group of women inventors and a very small group of women Innovation Experts. Jodi is now sharing her expertise as a Business Consultant, Key Note Speaker, Business Therapist, and the world’s leading Solutionologist®.


Jodi Pliszka, M.S. earned her Master’s degree, on the Dean’s list, from West Point Military Academy, through an elite program with Long Island University and worked on her PhD in Business/Psychology at Ferkauf School of Medicine in the Bronx, NY, for two years. Jodi is the recipient of the Enterprising Woman of the Year Award.  She is the world's leading SOLUTIONOLOGIST®, celebrated host of Ripley's Believe It or Not radio'sWeird Medical Maladies, the Inventor of HEADLINE IT! ® No Sweat liners, an Award Winning Author of Bald is Beautiful, My Journey to Becoming and her Bella and Gizmos Adventures series, a Clinical Therapist, and President/CEO of Pliszka’s Adventures.

     Jodi has been featured with Entrepreneur, Forbes and countless other newspapers, magazines and talk shows, sharing her story of Tragedy to Triumph.  Jodi was a Top Finalist on ABC's American Inventor TV Show, which gave her Headline It! a boost into the marketplace.  Jodi’s feature story on alopecia was seen on Lifetime TV'S Health Corner, NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC news and more. Jodi also is a professional key note speaker with her focus on Innovation/Leadership and Turning Obstacles into Opportunities.  Jodi’s proudest accomplishment is her daughter, JESS, who’s in her third year as a Pre-Med student.


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West Point Military AcademyJodi began her Ph.D. work in Business Psychology at Ferkauf School of Medicine in the Bronx, N.Y. After moving from Wisconsin to New York, she earned her Master’s Degree in Business Psychology from Long Island University, attending West Point Military Academy, N.Y. and was a Dean’s list scholar. Her undergraduate studies were at the University of Wisconsin. Ms. Pliszka continues to earn professional certifications from cutting-edge programs, to keep her topics timely.


Innovators and Leaders are made, not born. Jodi teaches simple, practical principals that spark the imagination. New innovation isn’t something that can wait! Innovation and Leadership are how you approach your career, your business, and your life. It’s coming up with great ideas and bringing them to fruition, as Jodi did with HEADLINE IT! ®. Innovation and Leadership is a skill-set, a mindset, and a toolset that can be taught.



Jodi will demonstrate how to enhance your intrinsic motivation to propagate new ideas, by thinking critically. Jodi’s easy to understand-psychological approaches help end the anxiety of being creatively stagnant and help your best performers get unstuck to start winning again.



Most woman innovation speakers talk about innovation in theory, having read the information from books. Unlike other presenters, Jodi has real-life, in-the-trenches business experience. Wouldn’t you rather hear about real-life innovation, instead of receiving information from someone that wrote a book on the topic? Jodi is one of the only women innovation speakers that runs a million company which is manufacturing a product that she invented.

Jodi is also a scholar, possessing her Master’s Degree/PhD work in Business Psychology. She is an adept innovator and woman inventor who created a product, out of pure necessity, and turned it into an international sensation. Jodi has a working knowledge of sales, psychology, inventing, patents, trademarks, branding, packaging, marketing, logistics, distribution chains, and much more.


Jodi never let anyone stand in her way, sharing the same philosophy as Steve Jobs; “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice,” Jobs once said. “And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” After losing her hair to a rare disorder, Jodi followed her heart and intuition, understanding that others shared the same challenges that she did.


Jodi is an award winning inventor of HEADLINE IT!®, President/CEO of Pliszka’s Adventures LLC/HEADLINE IT!®, and Winner of the Enterprising Woman of the Year Award. Jodi is also a celebrated host on Ripley’s Believe It or Not radio, having created a show called Weird Medical Maladies, a program that highlights differences to help reduce prejudices in the world.

Jodi is an award winning author of three books; Bella and Gizmo’s Adventures, The Hairless Sphynx Cats and Bella Gets a New Sweater, both created to help parents teach children about the acceptance of differences. Of course, Jodi used her real-life hairless cats as the stars of books. Jodi exclaims “you have to have a sense of humor to succeed at anything. Having bald cats is true irony, bald cat, bald woman, and also a great way to judge a person’s character.”

Jodi’s award winning autobiography; Bald is Beautiful, My Journey to Becoming is said to be “life’s instructional manual” and a “keen insight into the mind of a true innovation expert.” Jodi encourages all who are looking to enhance their wellbeing and get a “jolt of inspiration,” to digest her book. Jodi is the world’s only Expert Solutionologist®


Definition: “Jodi – an elite Innovator that exposes strategic work sessions which convert ordinary challenges into extraordinary ideas.”


Jodi’s inspiration for her HEADLINE IT!® product came from being a black belt in Taekwondo and a seasoned triathlete. Jodi wanted to control the perspiration from running into and burning her eyes, and stop the staining it was causing her hats, helmets and wigs. Jodi decided to turn her ‘challenge into an opportunity’ to help others.

Jodi’s forward thinking helped earn her a spot as a Top Finalist on ABC’s American Inventor TV Show, her innovation story was featured on Lifetime TV’S Health Corner, Entrepreneur, Forbes, NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, Montel William’s Show, Mike and Maty Show, and in countless newspapers, magazines, internationally, over the past twenty-eight years.


“ Jodi’s story of tragedy to triumph is an inspirational story that brings a jolt of inspiration to all that hear it.”.. -Doug Hall, Master Inventor, Founder of Eureka Ranch


Less than 5.5% of US patent holders are women and Jodi Pliszka, M.S. aims to drastically increase this number.


Necessity is the Mother of Invention and I am the proud Mother of Headline It!®” (& my Pre-Med, honor student, Jess.)..- Jodi Pliszka, M.S.

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~Speaking Topics
Jodi Pliszka, M.S.-



First, Jodi will speak with you in-depth before the program. Next, she will speak to whomever you suggest to research, customize and tailor your program (including a cross-section of attendees, your organization’s key influencers, and /or your senior leadership team or board members.) Jodi is also happy to record audio or video interviews with your key leaders as a marketing tool for your meeting-or as a follow-up reinforcement tool for you to distribute.

Second, Jodi will design and deliver an in-depth “Needs and Interests” survey around your desired topic so that we can focus on exactly what you and your members need to know and want to learn.

Third, we will give you a free set of handouts that you can reproduce for your participants-which will save you a lot of money. Many speakers charge $15 to $50 per person if they provide the handouts. We give you the master and the handouts are excellent. Jodi provides a lot of hard-hitting content in each program, and the participants are thrilled to have a copy of all the things we talked about.

Fourth, Jodi is happy to work with you after the program. Just give us a call if you want to “debrief.” Often, Jodi will have comments from the participants or she will learn valuable insight about your organization that you should know. She will recommend some steps you can take to make sure the program sticks, and your objectives are achieved. This may include follow-ups by email or even a free teleseminar 30, 60- or 90 days, after the live event.

60 Minute Key Note – ~~The Five “P’s” of Innovation: Purpose, Plan, Prepare, Practicality & Power:, ~~Six Elements of a Savvy Solutionologist®   Plan, Practicality & Power, or Seven Simple Secrets to Successful Innovation.

90 Minute Key Note – ~~The Five “P’s” of Innovation: Purpose, Plan, Prepare, Practicality & Power:,  ~~Six Elements of a Savvy Solutionologist® AND 7 Simple Secrets to Successful Innovation.

90 day Mentoring Program – 90 days of intense consulting with a 1000% guarantee: if you take action, you will have results and if you don’t, you won’t!

Business Therapy – Jodi’s psychological approaches help end the anxiety of slipping revenues and shrinking profits, and help your best performers get unstuck to start winning again. One on one therapy for the whole business.

Innovation Consulting – Jodi provides her personal expertise, and consults on new innovations with companies and entrepreneurs.

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“I was overwhelmed, inspired and blown away by Jodi’s positive energy, inner power and drive to make a difference in the world. Jodi has a desire to reach out and inspire all those in the world who have their own struggles, and to show people that anything is possible, as long as you have the courage to believe.”

Matt Gallant, ABC TV Host: THE LIST. Host of Animal Planet’s Funniest Animals & American Inventor TV Show.

"Jodi is a poster child for energy, enthusiasm and never say die passion. Read, listen and learn from her if you want a jolt of inspiration to turn your dream into reality."

Doug Hall, Founder/CEO Eureka! Ranch /Judge ABC'S American Inventor Season One

"Jodi is the most amazing women I have heard speak. She is brilliant, funny, fun and astonishing. What Jodi has experienced is something that most of us will never know. And to do so with such grace and humility, she is more than a role model - she is what we all strive to be. I have to say I am just continuously blown away with her courage and her ability to be everything she has ever dreamed. Jodi is an inspiration to everyone she meets!”

Dr. Natalie L. Petouhoff (Dr. Nat The Technocat)
Consumer Product Expert and Invention Coach

“From start to finish, Jodi's energy inspires you to fulfill your own dreams and create your own victories, savoring every moment of life presented to you! Relatable, real, honest, driven, a true breath of hope in challenging times, Jodi sets you on the right path. Every day we are presented with blank pages on which we can write our own story of triumph through perseverance; Jodi shows us how to write through her example!”

Rick Rose, Entrepreneur, TV/Radio Host

"The road to recovery, motivation and inspiration begins with Jodi Pliszka. Her true story on healing and personal success will teach you the power of inner strength and perseverance.  Jodi has a great story with a fairy tale ending, which happens to be true. A must hear speaker!”

Dr. Eric Kaplan Author "Dying to be Young" &"Dr. Kaplan's Lifestyle of the Fit & Famous.

“Jodi's story is a monument to overcoming - overcoming an abusive relationship, overcoming disease, overcoming a loss of identity, and overcoming self-doubt, fear and rejection.  Jodi is redefining what it means to be a woman, a human and a spiritual being.  I used to see angels as divine beings with long, bright, glowing hair and wings that hovered above those they loved.  I now see them as flawed individuals with all of their warts, pimples, bruises and bald heads who dwell among us and embrace those with similar flaws.  It is their loving touch that heals.  What distinguish them from other beings is their warm hearts, glowing spirits, firm embrace, and fuzzy insides.  Jodi is that angel to me. It's all too true . . .”

Daniel R.Castro, Fortune 500 Attorney
Award Winning Author of Critical Choices that Change Lives.

“You will always find that there is no shortage of heart felt stories all over the world today, but it only a few that stand out, mostly due to an amazing person, willing to share their experience in a way that gives hope and confidence to millions of others. Jodi Pliszka is one of those great people. From the moment I met her and had the opportunity to be her mentor on American Inventor, I knew that she was driven, committed and has the kind of persona that makes you wish more people possessed. Her story is a journey of hope, love and respect. Her passion for life is something that would sell for millions if it could be bottled. A truly beautiful person with an amazing heart and dream. So here’s to Jodi’s dream and yours, whatever that may be.”

Peter Jones, Entrepreneur/Producer American Inventor TV show

 "Jodi Pliszka tells a story of trial and triumph that will encourage even the hardest hearted person to believe reinvention---of your self, your ideas, and your dreams--is possible. Bravo to one brave and resilient woman!"

Mary Lou Quinlan, "Just Ask a Woman, Cracking the Code of What Women Want And How They Buy" and Judge, ABC's American Inventor Season One

"Never say never! Listen to Jodi and find the path to success in life; motivation in moving forward exhuming positive power and leap into opportunities with incredible inspiration from a real role model mimicking her amazing strength in extraordinary dilemmas. A true treasure!"

Jodie Lynn, Speaker, Internationally Syndicated Family/Health Columnist and Author

“I followed Jodi through each step of her story, feeling her sorrow, her strength and the pure joy of her accomplishments.  Her words have inspired me to see that we are all perfect, that we are all beautiful and each of us has the power to bring our dreams into reality. Thank you Jodi!”

Jody Colvard, FunMoneyGood Network & The Women in Podcasting Directory

“Jodi’s life journey truly massages the heart and inspires the soul. While facing insurmountable challenges, she recognizes her own blessings and blesses the lives of others. Jodi’s story is a gift of hope to all those in pursuit of discovering their own wholeness. It is the epitome of the joy of being alive.”

Lolly Rose, Founder/Executive Director Angel On My Shoulder
A registered non-profit cancer support foundation

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  • Jodi's Award winning Headline It! product and books are available for purchase on Thank you.


  • Enterprising Woman of the Year Award.
  • Award Winning Author with three award winning books.
  • Award Winning Inventor- Top finalist on ABC'S AMERICAN INVENTOR TV SHOW
  • Headline It! is in the top 2% of new products, per the Department of Commerce website.
  • Jodi was awarded her Master's Degree on the Dean's List, West Point Military Academy, N.Y., LIU
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