Jan McInnis

Jan McInnis

Comedy Shows & Humor Keynotes

Corporate Comedian, Comedy Writer and Speaker on Humor, communications and change - Featured in the Wall Street Journal!

Fee Range: $2500 - $5000

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Jan McInnis
Jan McInnis - Motivational Speaker

Comedy Shows & Humor Keynotes

Corporate Comedian, Comedy Writer and Speaker on Humor, communications and change - Featured in the Wall Street Journal!

Fee Range: $2500 - $5000

Jan McInnis - Motivational Speaker

Jan McInnis

Comedy Shows & Humor Keynotes

Corporate Comedian, Comedy Writer and Speaker on Humor, communications and change - Featured in the Wall Street Journal!

Fee Range: $2500 - $5000

For more information about booking Jan McInnis,
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  "For comedienne and professional speaker Jan McInnis, life is full of “finding the funny.”  She – and the audiences who continually rate her programs “hilarious” – wouldn’t have it any other way.

            Inspired by fifteen years as a marketing director in the 9 to 5 world, Jan has cornered the association and corporate convention market.  And over the past 14+ years on the full-time speaking circuit, she has spoken at hundreds of conferences, training sessions, employee retreats and banquets held by such groups as Anthem Blue-Cross, Merrill Lynch, John Deere, the Federal Reserve, Women in Insurance & Financial Services and the Mayo Clinic.  Jan was featured in the “Wall Street Journal” as one of the top convention comedians whose material is CLEAN (as in not offensive) and in the Washington Post for her clean comedy writing.

            Learning doesn’t have to be boring!  Jan has a knack for humorous analysis, which enables her to keep her audiences laughing, not just with a comedy show, but also with some of her keynotes.  In her “Finding the Funny in Change” speech, she gives practical tips on handling life’s curveballs.  Her creative guidelines to mastering change are taken from her own experiences leaving the cushy “regular” job and heading out into the bumpy road of comedy.    

And, having sold comedy material to just about everyone. . . from the Tonight Show monologue, to greeting cards, hundreds of radio stations and even guests on the “Jerry Springer Show” (yes, some of it is staged),. . . Jan now can tell anyone how to do it themselves.  Jan’s program “Finding the Funny in Communications” offers quick pointers on pulling out the humor FAST, so that your message heard and remembered.       

This keynote is based on her new book “Finding the Funny Fast: How to Create Quick Humor to Connect with Clients, Coworkers and Crowds.”


Born in D.C., Jan was in charge of the “Joke of the Day” for her junior high school lunch table.  Not surprisingly, she majored in communications at Virginia Tech, where she was a disk jockey for the local radio station. 

Jan’s humor is clean and appropriate for all groups. 

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“We were in stitches! Not only was Jan hilarious but she took the time to research our company and we felt like she really knew who we were and what would make us laugh. When the comment cards came back, she was a 10 out of a 10. Bravo Jan!!!" S.W., Sares-Regis Group (prop. mgmt)

Below are a few of the groups that Jan has spoken to. . . a more complete list is available upon request.



Watch Jan in action!

HEALTH CARE GROUPS (partial list)

 Abbott Pharmaceuticals
Davita Dialysis Centers
PeaceHealth Medical
San Juan Hospital
Pikes Peak Mental Health
Covenant Hospital
Health Net
Christian Hospital, St. Louis
Central Iowa Pharmacists Association
Nanticoke Health Services
St. Joseph Hospital, Bellingham, WA
University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview
Riverside Community Hospital
Blue Cross, Blue Shield
Bay State Hospital
Allegiant Mercy Health Hospital
Mid Continent Anesthesiology Chartered
Phelps County Regional Medical Center
St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, St. Louis
Pinnacle Health
Doylestown Hospital
Des Moines Dental
Duluth Clinic
United Hospital Center
Western New York Healthcare Financial Mgmt. Assn.
Michigan Home Healthcare Association
Anthem Blue Cross, top producer agents
Association of Women's Health, Obstetric & Neonatal Nurses
South Dakota Assn. of Healthcare Organizations
Mayo Clinic


”I simply can't remember when I have laughed so hard for so long. We were delighted the way you drew the audience in by using the events of the weekend and added your unique brand of humor to them. Many, many thanks for a wonderful time! I was even thinking of you later in the evening last night and thought what makes you so good....besides the wonderfully humorous way you see things, but that your delivery and timing are impeccable! Just great stuff! Take great care...keep us laughing...it's a great gift you have!!!“
Georgia Mazzolla
Pinnacle Health

"I just wanted to let you know that we felt you did an amazing job at the health Net Provider Network Management Conference. Our evaluation forms show that you were a big hit, and I have received a great number of comments complimenting your performance. The attention to detail really showed through, and the personal touches seemed to resonate well with the whole group in attendance. Thank you so much for all your hard work!"
Chris Wagner, Health Net

“We especially liked how you tailored the show to our group and that none of the jokes were offensive. Everyone thought that you were hilarious and really enjoyed your presentation.”
Gordon Manashil, MD, Kaiser-Permanente
Richard J. McCarthy, MD, Kaiser Permanente

“People were appreciative of the fact that you ‘personalized’ your material, making them feel very special.”
Marlena Hodgins, Coordinator Auxiliary/Volunteer Services
Nanticoke Health Services

Comments from the Michigan Home Health Assn. Conference:
♦ Nice way to end conference (16 responses)♦ Great idea to have a comedian at “saturation” time♦ Well done♦ Very funny (6 responses)♦ Good Job! (3 responses)♦ She was great! (2 responses)♦ Clean Fun!

Center for Business and Technology, Johnson County Comm. College
Soroptimists of Laramie, Wyoming
Western Petroleum Marketers Association, Ladies' Luncheon
Women in Government Relations
Executive Women's Retreat, Troutman Sanders Law Firm
Women in Film & Video
State Farm Women Agents
International Assn. of Admin Prof.
Homestead Women's Weekend
Women's Trade Group, Visalia
University of Illinois, "Ladies Night Out"
YWCA of San Diego
Soroptimists of Northern California
Serenity House
Jackson-Lewis law firm Women's Executive Retreat
North Platte Town Luncheon

"Wow! I don't know where to begin. We loved you! You were fantastic for our group. I don't think anyone expected to be laughing so hard at the end of a long day. Your act is beyond hilarious. If I watched you do it all over again today, I'd laugh just as hard. Thank you for taking the time to tailor your material just for our audience, who had tears in their eyes and were doubled over."
Christy McWard
Center for Business and Technology

"We loved her. Her humor was perfect. She obviously has the ability to research and present humor perfect for her audience. Besides being really entertaining, (everyone said they thought she was great), she treated us as if we were important. She kept in contact with us and when working with her she was professional and fun."
Mary Bower
Soroptimists of Laramie, Wyoming

”Humor is the best way to keep the show rolling, and yours was right on target with your insights on women in the workplace and the challenges we face in relationships. I count you up there with our other stars of the evening: Kathy Bates, Mary Steenburgen, Ted Danson, Linda Ellerbee, and Hillary Rodham Clinton.“
Andrea Sims, President
Women in Film and Video

”You were phenomenal! We needed a good icebreaker for our Executive Women's Retreat and you were absolutely perfect! Your performance helped our guests relax and get excited for the weekend. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone!“
Tracey L. Helhoski
Troutman Sanders LLP


Federal Reserve - Atlanta
National Petroleum Credit Assn.
Thrivent Financial For Lutherns
Fidelity National Title Group
BDO Accounting
Merrill Lynch
Kinecta Credit Union
Treasury Management Assn.
Information Technologies Credit Union Association
International Worker's Compensation Fund
Tennessee Credit Union League
Baltimore Payroll Association
Minnesota Credit Union Association
First Data Corp.
Ohio Credit Union Association
Kentucky Credit Union Association
North Carolina Credit Union Association
National Petroleum Credit Association
New Mexico Credit Union
Corporate Central Credit Union
First Credit Union
Montana Credit Union League
Galaxy Plus Credit System
Crestar Bank
Southwest Central Credit Union
Kenecta Credit Union
Colorado Treasury Management Association
GMS Accounting

"You were great! I appreciate the fact that you took the time to personalize your routine with information about our company, the business, and our people."
Alice Smith, Transamerica Insurance & Investment Group

"Jan has the ability to bring a stressed out group of professional business women to raucous laughter in the middle of the day with absolutely no alcohol. She is amazingly talented and customizes every performance to fit her audience by studying their business and work habits."
Lisa Tyler, SVP, Fidelity National Financial, Inc.

“You customized the show. You KNEW who credit unions were! You were a delight. I wish you lived next door.”
Trish Patterson, Vice President
Tennessee Credit Union League

“The feedback received from everyone was very positive. I have also been contacted by other organizations that were very impressed with your performance. They are interested in having you entertain their groups. “
Mary Schabdach, Chairperson
Baltimore Payroll Association

"Your participant evaluations averaged a 4.79 our of 5. Some of their remarks included: "So funny!", "Great! Really funny." "A great way to finish the meeting." "Fabulous!." "Very entertaining!"
Amy Vigil, Credit Union Association of New Mexico

"Jan is very down to earth and can easily offer many humorous stories that so many people can relate to. Her dry sense of humor mixed in with comical tales add to the event!"
Linda Berseth, GMS Accounting


Contact Jan now. . . Jan@TheWorkLady.com, 800-492-9394.

















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