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Leading with HEART
How to have engaged working relationships

Why do more people quit their bosses than their jobs? When leaders rise because of their skills, they are often unprepared for the human side of leadership. "Leading With HEART" develops leadership capacity by creating and maintaining engaged and motivated working relationships when leading with Humanity, Empathy, Attentiveness, Responsiveness, and Trust. Practical applications are given for impro...


Travels From: Denver, CO
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Proficiency - Pride - Professionalism
Developing Skills to the Highest Degree

This workshop addresses the need for being proficient in our careers, having pride in our work, and maintaining a professional image. Content includes: developing our skill sets to the highest degree possible, fostering positive and productive work relationships with colleagues, supervisors and customers, our communication styles and the messages we convey through verbal/non-verbal behaviors, and ...


Travels From: Minneapolis, MN
Fee Range: Available upon request

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