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Blabvertising-The Art of Word of Mouth Advertising
Business Growth Through Building Relationships

Word of Mouth Advertising has been and will continue to be the greatest way for any business to grow and retain customers. This high energy, interactive, and entertaining program has helped thousands of people create instant and long-lasting sales growth. Your audience will be motivated, entertained, and will receive turn-key success tools that will turbocharge their business! This program ...


Travels From: Chicago, IL
Fee Range: Open

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Being Balanced in a Stressed Out World

Being Balanced In a Stressed-Out World STRESS. It can ruin a day. Strain a relationship. Wreak havoc on a body. Even kill you, if left unchecked. And yet, in today’s round-the-clock world, it seems to take up SO MUCH SPACE in our daily lives. But what if it DIDN’T? If you could learn the tools and strategies to SHIFT your FOCUS and live HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, and more STRESS-FREE? What wou...


Travels From: Madison, WI
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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How Hollywood Villains Can Make Your Dreams Come True
Unleashing Your Inner Tiger

Often our greatest 'enemies' are mostly internal particularly procrastination and fear that strangle our potential. Ever see a Hollywood villain have any self-doubt or hesitate about reaching their objectives? Never because they're always pro-active. In a combination of talk and workshop, I'll present one of my personal techniques called the "Velvet Rope" as a form of "tough love" for you to ov...


Travels From: Province
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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