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Creating A Positive Workplace Through the Power of Humor
Humor as a Workplace Tool

Humor is extremely important for our health and well-being. Research has demonstrated the power of humor in reducing stress and improving health. Highly successful organizations such as and Google utilize humor as one of the key components to their success. In addition, humor can be used in many ways to transform negative emotions such as anger. Creating a More Positive Workplace ...


Travels From: New York City, NY
Fee Range: Varies

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Lead Up
Cultivating Confidence to Grow People and Profits

Impactful leaders develop genuine confidence that is evident in their words, actions and auras. Their confidence is infectious and positively influences everyone around them – from peers and subordinates, to customers, media and financial stakeholders. Confident people think more creatively and they work better in teams. Confidence enables individuals to leverage change and be more resilient. W...


Travels From: Boston, MA
Fee Range: Open

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SPARK! Living a Life on Fire Without Burning Out™
5 Tools for Unstoppable Success

Do you feel stressed out, overwhelmed, out of balance and powerless to change it? No more! S.P.A.R.K! is an acronym for 5 easy tools that are your key to living out loud, reaching any goal and enjoying the ride. Each one is powerful in its own right – together they can lead to unstoppable success! No matter what life throws at you, you can learn how to take control of the challenge, break fr...


Travels From: St. Louis, MO
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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If You Could Put Time in a Bottle
The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Time and Reducing Your Stress at Home and the Workplace.

Do you often wish that there were more hours in your day? Do you feel overwhelmed by your daily tasks and responsibilities? Do you have a "To Do" list that never seems to get shorter? Whether you are a new manager/supervisor, a veteran leader, or running your household, this workshop will show you how to get the extra time you need and keep your sanity. Upon completion of this workshop (half-d...


Travels From: Long Island, NY
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Get Off My Bus
How to Get Clarity, Get in the Driver's Seat, and Get Moving in Your Life!

Get Off My Bus is about control. If you are in the driver’s seat, you have control over where you are going, which route you choose to take, who your passengers are and, often more importantly, who they are not. Join motivational speaker and author, Robin Sacks, on a ride to discover who your passengers have been in the past, who they are in the present, and who needs to be on your bus in the ...


Travels From: Cleveland, OH
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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