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Rethinking Cyber Security
Risk and Intelligence in the Cyber Domain

We have been trying to create secure computer systems for thirty plus years without success. This suggests that perhaps we are doing it wrong. This presentation looks at cyber operations and risk from cybercrime, cyber espionage, and cyber warfare through the lens of cyber intelligence. It addresses what lessons can be learned from cyber space as a domain of war and the implications of chaos, c...


Travels From: Seattle, WA
Fee Range: Varies

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Living Under Stress - The CIA Lifestyle
Living and Working Abroad In A Challenging Hostile Environment

Working as an Operations Officer abroad for the CIA can be taxing in many ways. Stressful, sometimes dangerous work, the need to bridge cultural gaps and the omnipresent Murphy's Law can make for an interesting but hectic career. How does one balance National Security with a Family? How do officers of both sexes deal with stress and work/life balance? CIA Officer Scott Uehlinger draws numer...


Travels From: Reading, PA
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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Entrepreneur Operations Blueprint™
How-to Master Your Time, Talents & Systems to Create More PROFIT & More FREEDOM Right NOW!

Finally, the complete and integrated program that reveals... 1) The key strategies & shortcuts to instantly become more productive, more efficient and less-stressed! (Benefits YOUR health account & bank account) 2) How to implement Davy's "Smokey the Bear" mindset to reduce the risk of potential business fires so you can keep more money in your bank account 3) How to FIRE yourself, ...


Travels From: Austin & San Antonio & Dallas & Houston, TX
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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Small Business Owners Stop Being the Victim of or Reacting To Other's Excuses, Abuses or Useless Services

When you don't have a good contract, you lose money. When you lose money, you are sad. When you are sad, you don't shower and become reclusive. When you don't shower and become reclusive, newspapers collect on your doorstep. When newspapers collect on your doorstep, burglars think you're not home. When burglars think you're not home, they break in. When they break in, they find you in the d...


Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Is Your Insurance Planning Backwards?
Know the odds

If you have trouble making ends meet now, how long could you live WITHOUT A PAYCHECK??? This seminar or workshop addresses the ignored odds of financial disaster when one cannot work because of an accident or extended illness. We insure our cars, our property and homes, but not our ability to pay for it all. The speaker, Laurel Stauffer-Daly, uses case studies, including her own, to show the...


Travels From: New York, NY
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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