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The Consultant with Pink Hair
Why Differentiation Doesn't Matter

Selling the services of a law, architecture, consulting or engineering firm is wildly different than selling commodity goods. Cal's program uses storytelling and real-industry examples from his best-selling book The Consultant with Pink Hair to help his audiences to understanding how to leave behind the ineffective branding methods of consumer goods and to define, communicate and prove their ex...


Travels From: Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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Does Your Organization Have Competitive Advantage PROFITS?
How to prosper regardless of economic conditions or competitor pressures. Build organizations to increase your ability to compete.

This program will help you build an organization that has Competitive Advantage PROFITS. P - Productive R - Reliable O - Organized F - Focused I - Innovative T - TeamS The benefits of this program is: Improved focus of organization on the mission Improved productivity Improved reliability Improved Teaming Creates Great Leaders Contact me to see if this can help your organization...


Travels From: Tampa, FL
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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